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    As spring approaches thinking about next years dove plot. Have had mixed luck growing sunflowers, but when they grow well, are hard to beat. Sorghum/milo does not seem to be nearly as good in my opinion, for attraction. Have heard people plant oats or wheat and burn prior to season with good results. Anyone have any experience with this or any tips/tricks if I give it a try?

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    milo and millet does work well for doves, and surprisingly the deer love milo too. With the wheat, it should be planted in the fall or winter allowing it to vernalize over winter, to produce the best head/seed. corn works well too plus its nice to sit in and hide.

    in an established dove field i have had great shoots where all we had was weeds, foxtail, butterprint, ragweed. etc

    ideally i like a mix of sunflower, milo, and wheat with strips of corn to sit in. my “dove fields” are for, doves, quail, pheasants, and deer. i want more winter cover then the sunflowers have.

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    I hunted over burned wheat and sunflowers and the sunflowers drew birds 25:1 over wheat.

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