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    Does anyone here load 50 BMG?  Asking for a project I’m working on, not asking you to actually load for me.  So there is no liability involved.



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    I just started to load for a 50 BMG!

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    YUP.  Did anyway…  To be honest I quit loading for the purposes of precision since I wasn’t shooting that way any longer, or at least at the time.  So I started buying bulk ammo to run through belt feds.

    When I was running my EDM Windrunner I did load for a time though…  I switched from Hornady 750AMAX to Barnes solid bore riders @ 800gr.  I started getting headaches really bad due to shooting too much of it, so I quit before I turned my entire melon to mush.  Now I just have a partial mushy melon…

    I never had a problem with shooting at various ranges, but some places in Iowa don’t take kindly to 50s.  So watch for that.  Hope this helps.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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