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    Good afternoon all.  On friday I’ll be taking my 7 year old daughter with me to Moorland pond west of Fort Dodge for the trout stocking.   I’ve never  been out to one of these before and have no idea how it all goes.  What is the best way to fish these trout?  I’ve fished trout streams many times but this is totally foreign to me.   Also, does her catch count to my limit?   Is the catch usually decent?  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not too much help but –

    My experience is that these fish tend to stay together and circle around the edges of these ponds. You will get several bites and then nothing until they return to the area. They are hatchery fish and not very fussy as to baits and lures. Worms, grubs, canned corn, and powerbait all seem to work along with small spinners. Your daughter’s catch will count towards your limit.  She does not need a license but you need one and a trout stamp.  This type of fishing tends to be a little slow for a 7 year old’s patience, but odds are good you will catch something and the skills needed are minimal.
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    If you want to keep more trout (12 total I think): you can get your daughter a trout stamp without needing a fishing license. She can then keep her own limit.

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    about 10 years ago, we began fishing the trout stockings at our local ponds with the kids.  we used everything.  corn, doughbaits, worms, and we found that if its food and sitting in front of their face, they’ll eat it.   we just used long shank aberdeen hooks with a few decent sized splitshot for weight.  fished for them like we were fishing for catfish.

    stocked trout are used to feeding on the bottom.  They also will travel in large packs.  but they cruise pretty good.  so if you arn’t catching just wait.  it will happen eventually.

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    I just fished Moorland last week.  What works best for me is a Minnow under a bobber about 4 ft Deep.  Enjoy



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