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    I went to the show last weekend and was amazed how little stuff was there and how it seems to have become more of a trade show for actual brick and mortar stores.

    There were open tables every where and the typical tables of used parts, barrels, stocks, misc. holsters, random surplus gear etc. were no where to be seen. In fact the entire annex in the back that’s usually full of this stuff wasn’t even open. There were no safes. There were no AR parts tables unless you wanted a complete upper or kit gun. There was hardly any ammo vendors. It was like the powers that be decided to turn away all the old school gun show regulars and replace them with new stores selling LCP’s for $200. And even among all of this I didn’t see one single H&K pistol in the place BUT there were plenty of baskets, ladies clothing, candles etc..

    Weird. Anyone else make it down last week?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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