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    Can a guy a get away with you using a dept finder for ice fishing

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    Absolutely. I used to use my Lowrance 520C for ice fishing. You just want to make sure your locator has good target seperation. Also check to see if you have a flasher option on the locator you are using. Most of the Lowrance units have a flasher option.

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    Here’s some good info

    I’ll be using a cheapo HB 175 this year

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    Can a guy a get away with you using a dept finder for ice fishing

    We used a HB to shot thru the ice trout fishing in the mountains because the ice might be 3+’ thick. Just chip enough of an indent so your transducer can make contact with a moistened surface. I just carried a bottle of water. Only takes a teaspoon worth. Remember the ice should be nice and solid, doesn’t work as well if there is a layer of ‘rotten’ ice under it.

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    You can but in my experience it’s not as good. I started with a cheap humminbird and I could tell depth and could see my lure but it wasn’t “real time” like a flasher. I went to a flasher two years ago and will never go back. If you can, try them both and you will see the difference.

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    I went with a Showdown from Marcum. This is digital, so no moving parts. Very similar to a flasher…….great separation. Make sure to get a dual cone with whatever unit you go with. Most come standard with a 20 degree transducer. I’ve found I use the 8 degree much more especially around trees and structure.

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