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    is it just me or does anyone else prefer the metal bars with the cushion you can remove and take home over these newer styles that I seem to see more and more of with the black mesh seats. How does that weather? Will it past the rest of time? I can see them wearing in faster, having factory defects where it’s connected, the ones I’ve experienced you couldn’t remove them without tools. Maybe they make the stand half a pound lighter or animals are not attracted to them as much not really sure. What’s everyone’s thoughts advantages or disadvantages to them?

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    The mesh conforms to your butt much better. Also they don’t restrict blood flow to your legs , thereby being much more comfortable.


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    For long sits I find the web/cloth seats much more comfortable,  plus I don’t like carrying a seat pad with me and that is if I remember.  I can’t say how long they will weather or if squirrels will eat them,  because the only stands I have with them are my climbers.  All my ladder stands are the cheap ones with wire mesh that need a seat pad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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