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    Hang tough Dale.

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    To let everyone know I talked to Dale last night and he said he was feeling great, he described to me, as only Dale could describe it, that his heart has a short in it and they are going in today, like an angioplasty, and find it and repair it. He will stay in the hospital for a day or two for monitoring then he can go home!!!


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    Thanks for the update Ed.


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    Doc, thanks for your help with my spelling, I got it now, fibrillation. Unfortunately it sounds more complicated than that.

    Goodluck with your procedure today, Dale


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    Dale…get well soon buddy…Prayers and well wishes from the Carder family…and thanks to Chad for being there when Dale needed help. 😉

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    get well soon buddy, hang in there -chris

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    Wow! Miss a few days on IO and all hell breaks loose! Hope you’re doing well Dale. And way to go Chad.


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    Get well soon Dale. It’s not always bad as it seems at first. In Oct 2000, I went into A-Fib and suffered a sudden cardiac death. I was in Ankeny on a Sat PM and a Paramedic was right behind me when I crashed into a pole, and started CPR, and within a minute or two the Ankeny police were there and I was hit with a portable defibrillator. I now am on my second Implanted defibrillator and am better protected than before. Sounds like you guys did the right thing and got to help in plenty of time. Good luck. See you on the ice soon. Tom

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    Some people get abit too excited about the outdoor life……….like buck fever.. only when fish’n, they’ll end up hook’n themselves or run outta breath waiting for that hit or sometimes the heart beats so fast anticipating that final good hook-setting bite, you wonder if your heart can take it….We should all have that amount of passion! Get well, Dale and back out there, the fish are call’n ya. Thank you, Chad for watch’n out for your fish’n partner. Always a good idea to fish/hunt with at least one other person, it could save yer sorry ol’ butt or at the very least help ya carry stuff. Best wishes and a prayer fer both of ya. 😉

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    Jeeze, haven’t been here in a while and the first thing I see is this?!?

    Glad to see so much support for such a good guy. An updated would appreciated…once he’s good and healthy again we can start the jokes about what better way to go than ice fishing? I can only think of one such way 😉


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    I just got the word from Chad that Dale’s procedure went well and he will be as good as he ever was. B) B) B) B) 🙄

    Here I was hoping for a little improvement. 🙄 😆 :mrgreen:

    But I guess he will still need 1 🙄 more hour of sleep. 😆 😆 😆 😆 (Ed knows what I am talking about) 😉

    Thanks again Chad for geting him to the hospital and letting us know how he was as soon as you had info to share. 😉

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    Hope you are home soon and good as new sooner!

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    I agree with ya Timmy. “as good as he ever was” aint saying a whole lot. Glad to hear things are going to be okay Dale. If you can manage to sneek one out those adjustable tray tables make great fillet tables too. 😀

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    Yea I know exactly what your talking about!!! 😯 Guess he’ll still be the last up and out!! 🙄 Just glad every thing went well!! 😉


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    WTG Dale great news……….

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