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    Anybody have any good experiences yet on the Crappie bite and/or spawn?  I haven’t found any significant bank bombers yet………..still waiting, and the weather hasn’t been helping much.  So far it’s spotty at best for me.  Need some decent stable weather…………..like soon!

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    Well, I replied with a couple of pics, but it must have gone to spam or something.  Guess the world will never know.

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    Same here, I have lost a number of posts in thin air??????????

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    What’s up with that……losing pics & posts?  Admittedly, and probably like most users, I used to watch the posts on the old site.  It took SO long…..that I lost interest.  Guess maybe there are reasons that the forums are almost non-existent anymore?


    Was out on Coralville Reservoir last night, trying for some crappie and to see where we’re at spawn wise.  Didn’t catch a lot, but caught some nice ones……one 13.5″.  Caught a few little bucks too.  Main lake water temp was 57, and a couple cove were over 60 early evening.  The fish I did catch were closer to the bank…..all within about 6 ft of the bank.  Had one female and the rest males.  The nice one was a male.


    Guessing it is about time.  Cheers

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    Spawn is already over in northern MO. I will bet southern IA is also close to being done, if it’s not already.

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    According to my Lilac bushes it should start in a few days.

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    Need a couple days of sunshine, warm the water up.  crazy weather here.


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    Ran out to the local lake last night for a couple hours. Crappies are still out deep. Gills are moved up and full of eggs. No nests yet though. Needs to warm up.

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