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    Our group of coyote hunters has had some great success so far this year. This past weekend was also a blast. Team Roadrunners were out, and about again this past weekend, and it seams my oldest son was in the right spot again. I had to work Saturday morning, but my Dad picked up my boys to join the group bright and early on Saturday. It was cold, but they knew the coyote would be out with the past weather we have had. Over the years we have noticed that after a snow storm, especially with wind, the coyote will not move much. They only were able to hunt for a few hours, but Jadyn ended up putting this nice male in the back of Dad’s truck. We keep track of where every coyote is shot, male or female, and who shot it. This was coyote number 14 for the year, and it turns out Jadyn has shot 7 of them so far. The group calls him the coyote magnet, and everyone wants to be in his back pocket. Sunday I was able to join in on the fun as we put 2 more down. We did have a 3rd one hit hard, but it ended up crawling in a hole. We were not able to get that one, and we don’t count them unless they are in the back of the truck. Here is a picture of the nice male from Saturday.

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