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    This may be a really stupid question but is it legal to hunt coyotes on public ground?

    What concerns might you guys have when hunting public ground? Is it worth my time?

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    Yes you can.Not too productive as most of the Coyotes are really people shy, so ANY sign of a person will send them away. They mostly live on the private property surrounding Public lands and if they do travel through it, it’s late at night when they know there won’t be anyone around. Kinda like a big buck, you know he’s around because you’ve seen tracks, but you never see him during shooting hours (they all have watches and the time table list).

    If you get onto bigger Public lands…like Hawkeye or the public lands between Marengo and Belle Plaine…and get WAAAYYY back in the sticks, you might have some luck. But someplace like Pleasant Creek just isn’t big enough.

    Good luck but I won’t be holding my breath to see your pictures of a Coyote from Public lands.


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    c’mon ken, you fun hater! lol . I dont coyote hunt, but the only ones i have ever shot were on public land while deer hunting. One during early muzzy and one during late january on a drive. Some of the best habitat to hold them dogs.

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    Quote by: oldstylelight

    c’mon ken, you fun hater! lol . I dont coyote hunt, but the only ones i have ever shot were on public land while deer hunting. One during early muzzy and one during late january on a drive. Some of the best habitat to hold them dogs.

    I agree, I think skunkboy is giving the ole songdogs a little too much credit 😉 I’ve shot my more than my share of yotes and that includes many from public ground. Just my 2 cents. Find good cover and get a ways from the road and there will be coyotes. They are so prevalent these days it’s insane.

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    Legal to hunt them on public ground.

    If rifle hunting, just make sure you know what is well beyond what you are shooting, a stray bullet can travel a very long ways.

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    hunting sny mcgill i seen alot of coyotes

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    I’d agree with the others, it can be done but it’s not that easy. Most guys (myself included) see a few deer hunting but it seems like the minute you pull out the caller and target them, they are nowhere to be found. Some of the bigger WMA’s have ok coyote populations. A couple years ago I trapped a couple at Hawkeye and (not sure where you’re at or if you are familiar with it) that place gets a TON of pressure, halfway between IC and CR. Surprisingly I wasn’t off the beaten path that far.

    I would say if you are going the public route, set up near the edge of private and try and call in a couple. Also, food for thought, while pheasant and deer permission on private ground is hard to find without a blood connection or some $$, most farmers are more than willing to let guys take a few yotes of their land, especially those with livestock or pets. Knock on a few doors and say you are only hunting coyotes, and your success in gaining permission will seem easy compared to finding birds or bucks.

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    Perfectly legal as others have said, but unlike others I encourage you to give it a try. I call in and shoot several coyotes a year on different pieces of public that I hunt in addition to my private spots. One piece produced 7 coyotes one season about 5-6 seasons back. The cover on a lot of these places is thick with lots of critters for the dogs to eat.

    I would say I do best on smaller pieces that are part of bigger sections than I do in bigger public areas. I’m sure some of them come out of the private of course.

    Get out and give it a whirl, you never know till you try. If you call a coyote in one area, be sure to try that set again later in the season when conditions are similar. I think a lot of times these areas are not core territory areas, but hunting areas used by several differnt Coyotes.

    Good luck!

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    I’ve called in just as many on public as I have on private land.

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    Thanks for all the info guys. The public ground I’m thinking of is part of a Pheasants Forever effort to increase pheasant habitat. Its a pretty small track of public ground but I have access to the private ground right around it so that’s why I wondered. Depending on wind I might set up on the Public or the private ground.

    Thanks for the info!

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    I use to call private because I thought the coyotes on private ground saw less people and less general hunting pressure and less calling pressure.

    The last few years I can’t seem to go a full day calling and hitting many of my spots without having at least one (if not up to half my stands) get disrupted or flat out messed up by another hunter either on the property I’m hunting or another property in that section, either with permission or tresspassing, or just someone in there shooting, running around, doing who knows what, etc.

    Also most of the sections I call in I know of at least one other caller on another property in that section and/or hounds that work it as well. So I know my private ground areas have calling pressure, probably more than I realize.

    I took a day off work last week and tried 6 spots and 4 of the 6 spots were screwed up by some sort of human action. I expect some, but not a majority. Unfortunately this has become the norm the last few years. When I take time and put in a number of stands in a day, i can expect half of them to be messed up for one reason or another. I almost don’t call on the weekend anymore and just call during the week, but even that hasn’t worked the last couple of years. I’ve even been blatantly harassed a few times the last couple of years, by other hunters… 10 to 15 years ago I don’t remember that happening.

    Anyway, point being, much of the private ground sees a ton of hunting pressure anymore. I’m not so sure public might not see less in some cases? I’m at the point where I’m going to find out… If for no other reason than I’ll have lower expectations and expect to be interrupted, and hopefully going way deep into an area, which I have no issue with doing, maybe I’ll have better success or at least less interruptions than my private ground spots.

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    I say give it a shot. Its better than sitting on the couch and you never know the adventure you will find when you venture outdoors.

    I agree about the hunting pressure and I agree about the high population of coyotes.

    I used to call on public all the time. I was about 20% successful i would say to be honest. Most of the time, I struck out for one reason or another but I enjoyed every hunt.
    The last couple years, I turned it up a notch. I decided to raise some hounds. I send my hounds in and they find the coyotes for me. Then the race is on.
    Good luck.

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    I got this guy on public land just a little over a year ago:

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