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    I am thinking about buying one to hunt on public land. I don’t have any private spots lined up, so this may be my only option for archery season. Does anybody have any experience with hunting out of this style of stand? Any safety or comfort recommendations?

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    I have a steel stand I use, the older I get the more I dislike it as it does get heavy packing in and out. A lot of times I will leave it hanging on the tree (private ground) and use it the next day if I plan on hunting that tree again. My advice is to go aluminum. Carry a small saw to help trim branches. I attached a 20 ft retractable dog leash on the bottom of my stand to hoist the bow up with once I get set in the tree. If you buy one, practice climbing with it before actually trying to hunt out of it. You will have to learn to get the stand angled properly as the tree will taper (most of the time) the higher you go.

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    Lone Wolf sit & climb.  Pricey but light weight, quiet & comfortable.  I usually pack it in in the afternoons,  leave it at the base of the tree overnight,  then pack it out when I leave the next day.  I bought a summit stand too at a Cabelas in-store sale once,  but still have never used it even to try  because I like the lone wolf that much.


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    Thanks for the feedback

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    Use a safety strap as you climb, had a few slips on the bottom section. I also leave mine in the field, just use a cable and lock to keep honest peps honest.

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    I have a lone wolf hang and climb and wish I would have gotten the sit and climb. I just waneed to shave off a little more weight. As I got older it was harder to get in the tree with it.

    I agree also, make sure you have a strap between the upper and lower part of the stand.

    One other thing. On my climber at the base of the tree it looks like it’s pointing to the sky but by the time you get 12 feet or so you my be leveled out and can’t get any higher

    One last thing to use is a safety harness. And I can’t stress this enough. Don’t get a cheap one because if you end up stuck up in the tree with any stand type, you could be there awhile before help comes

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