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    What are some good choke tubes for a Remington 12 gauge using Hevi Shot? I have an extra full turkey choke but wondering what info/experience others have with certain chokes. I know I should get one and pattern but thought I could save on the elimination with input from others. What do peopel think of the Carlson Dead Coyote chokes? Has anyone used them? Thanks!

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    I use 3 or 3.5″ #4 Buck with Full choke in my 12 gauge. I’m deadly up to 75 yards. I don’t think that you will get much more distance than that. You will have to try multiple chokes and loads to see what gives the best pattern and knock down power at 50 yards. Once you over that distance you can use the rifle anyways. Each load patterns different with different chokes, no telling what’s the best for your gun until you try them out.
    Good luck at the range.

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    I use a Carlson’s Dead Coyote Choke…. knocks them right off their feet at 30 yards, never shot past that though.

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    I agree with the carlson dead coyote. I use #4 buck shot and put two dead coyote choke tubes in a stoeger over and under and I have shot a coyote at 60 yards and one at 70 yards. At 20 yards it will blow them off there feet.

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    I’ve patterned hevishot #2 – dead coyote through .720 IC = .665 super full (.720, .710, .709, .705, .690, .685, .665). and for the most part the tighter the choke the denser the center of the pattern. The Dead coyote choke is around the .660 range, so any super full turkey choke will yield similar results.

    On coyotes, ones that are moving, the farther the shots the trickier the lead, depending on the source coyotes can run 30+mph, get very low to the ground, and change directions on a dime. A shotgun load runs around 1300fps for the DC and waterfowl hevishot (some loads faster, some slower), not 3000-4000+fps like a 20-22 caliber rifle.

    In the end, it depends on how you’re using the shotgun. If you want it to be a 70 yard shotgun that shoot like a rifle up close then pattern extended chokes in the .660-.670 range (turkey, predator, etc, label how you want, but most have around 1″ of parrallel section and the rest is taper).

    If you want the shotgun for close moving targets the rifle has a challenge killing then just your plain jane bird gun with mod, improved mod, or full choke will serve you well. I’ve had the best results with a mod choke and waterfowl loads of hevishot, #2 hevishot being my favorite. Most my shotgun kills are 20-40 yards, with some alot closer, measued in feet not yards, and most are moving while some have checked up and stopped. For shots over 40 yards my rifle is sitting next to me on a harris s-25C bipod, an easy one handed grab to get infront of me for a shot (shift the shotgun to the ground beside me with one hand, move the rifle with the other).

    It all depends on how you want to use the shotgun to determine which choke will work best. Mod for movers under 40 is my favorite. For shots over 50, well, as has been said by Ruger, some shots are better with a rifle.


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