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    So I bought a couple of trailcams today. One of them is a moultrie A-25. They had a couple of metal security boxes for m-series cams, they looked like they would work for the a-series so I bought one as well

    It didn’t quite fit. I had to bend the top just a tad and trim a corner of the box to get it to fit. But it fit nicely when I was done.

    This made me think. All someone needs is a pair of aviation snips, and cut the case along the locking tab and away goes my new trailcam.

    So, here’s my solution.

    I made a plate out of 1/8″, drilled a hole and welded it on. Not to say if someone wanted it they’re not gonna get it anyway. But I thought I’d at least make it a little harder for them.

    Looking forward to get these things wrapped around a tree!


    Who else has some ideas to share to keep your cameras yours?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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