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    Hey all.

    In anticipation of my first time hunting the rut….I thought I’d ask if anyone uses any of the Buck Bombs? If so, what are your strategies with it? I’ve heard of people mixing it and so forth.

    I got out early last year…early stages of the pre-rut and what I saw then made me a believer. All I did was spray the back of my coveralls and then some of the area below my stand and had one small buck jog up…smell the area in which I put this stuff down and then follow my trail that I walked in on.

    Hey…did I mention I’m absolutely pumped to get out this weekend for nothing but four days of me and my stands?

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    Not sure I would spray that stuff on my clothing, but when I use it, I spray a spot on a trail where I would want a deer to stop. Most all deer stop and smell it and many will actually stand there and lick it, giving me enough time to make a good shot.

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    How is this not considered baiting? Why not just throw out a salt lick below your stand 😀

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    Ever tried these?


    Here is a video.


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    Laws in Iowa concerning baiting are funny to say the least. The guy asked about buck bombs and they are legal!

    Baiting is another topic. I have used buck bombs. They will bring in deer looking especially this time of the year up to 2nd and even 3rd week in November. Prime Time

    You may want to also get some tinks 69 gel. I like to cover little along the tree limbs and then spray bomb little here and there. You can set of the entire canister in lock mode, then get up your stand the atomized unit will really get there olfactory senses into high alert. Unless you have no bucks in the 300 to 500 yards of your stand it shoud draw them into inspect.

    Good Luck, and remember dont use pears or apples below your stand cuz that is baiting and so is the infamous salt lick and black magic granule minerals sold in all of Iowas hunting stores.

    Interesting to note the retailers can sell what is illegal, but the hunters can not use it in Iowa. At least they cant during the hunting seasons, but they can prior to the seasons. BUT that is another topic for another discussion on the boards. Go get em anyway you can legally and good luck. Robbie

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    Appreciate everyone’s responses.

    As for the baiting….I did bait them in this year….through August at which point I pulled all my salt/mineral blocks (that were not sitting on the ground) and deer feeder B)

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