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    Muzzy 100 grain 4 blade. I have a few arrows that I’ve used to kill multiple deer with. Most times the deer don’t react to the hit. I have a fairly quiet bow, but to me it looks like deer react to the bow shot noise more than the impact of the arrow. The Muzzy tipped arrows just zip right through them.

    One year I had an old mossy horn brute saunter by, he must have been near deaf. The first arrow flew through him a little farther back than normal and he just sort a flinched and started walking away. I got him to stop again and put another arrow through his chest, and again he hardly flinched. He was like a battleship taking a hit from a 5″ shell, he acted like it didn’t even faze him. Well he turned took about ten more steps, stopped, slowly laid down and expired.

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    I tried a bunch, liked most of them but now I use rage Hypodermics and don’t think I’ll switch anymore. I didn’t like the rage two blades from 7 years ago, they rattled and wanted to come open. I’m shooting 55 pounds and don’t get pass thrus very often but it doesn’t matter, the blood trails are consistently better than pass thrus with other brands i’ve tried. (I did have a better trail once with a grim reaper that hit an artery but a blade broke.) I don’t know how they get holes that are longer than the blades.

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    I have shot the Rage hypodermics for 4 years now and have nothing but success with them. I shoot a 2008 50# Diamond Black Ice. Ive never had one bit of issue of them opening up. Ive had more issues with Muzzy’s paining out then they are worth dealing with.

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    Thanks for all of the replies! I settled on a muzzy 3 blade. Hopefully I can report back success Sunday afternoon. In reality i will shoo them away until November to assure my time in the stand! Good luck this year everyone. I look forward to the stories and the pictures.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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