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    Hey all,

    I am wanting to try new broadheads this year. I usually have gone the cheaper route in the past with inconsistent success (Allen, and carbon express). I am just looking for some help from people that have used other broadheads. What did you like about them what are the cons? I think we all like the stories that go along with the harvest as well. I’m not here to start a brand war just looking for opinions on the subject. I don’t really want to spend $50 bucks on broadheads, as I am not into wasting money, but if it is truly worth the cost I would consider it. I shoot a bear encounter bow with 65# and 28 inch draw. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Can’t go wrong with Muzzy fixed blades. Stay away from expendables.

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    I have had good results with thunderhead fixed blades. I also would stay away from mechanical/expandable. It has been a few years since I’ve tried them but did not have good luck.

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    Definitely fixed blades. Everyone has an opinion, but I would say Muzzy.

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    2 blade Rage hypodermics. Love them!

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    Muzzy have been shooting them from the mid 80’s on.

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    I have bowhunted since 1997. During that time, I have used the following in this order:

    NAP Thunderhead 100 (shot great with my first bow and when I was shooting fingers. Lost a shoulder hit PY deer and blamed the broadhead (in error). Very sharp and economical compared to the latest brands and technologies. I would use these again in a pinch.)
    NAP Spitfire 100 (shot a big doe broadside and was amazed with entry and exit wound. Next deer was quartering away and the blades didn’t expand. Tiny entry and exit wound and little blood. Found it after a long night of trailing. I would not use these again. )
    Muzzy 4 blade 100 (I have the most experience with this head and it is a very solid and dependable head. I have tried others over the years, and the only reason I’m not shooting this head now is because they dont fly the same as my field points. )
    Muzzy 3 blade 125 (These didn’t shoot well for me and I struggled to pattern them with my bow set up.)
    Original Rage 2 blade 100 (I had a couple good years and then a couple bad years with these. Key issue was reliable expansion. This was several years ago and they may have worked out the kinks in the new designs. Expansion is just another potential failure point and I have decided the fixed heads are best to eliminate this risk.)
    Muzzy 4 blade 100 (same as above)
    Schwacker 2 blade 100 (I had terrible luck with these and would not recommend this head to anybody. Expansion was zero on slight quartering shots and minimal on broadside targets.)
    Muzzy 4 blade 100 (same as above)
    Slick Trick Viper 100 (PHENOMENAL PERFORMING HEAD. I used these for the first time last season and killed 2 does with complete pass-throughs at 15 and 20 yards. The deer had no idea what hit them and neither went more than 75 yards before piling up. The heads are incredibly tough and I was able to recover and reuse both with minimal honing. I picked these because they won the Iowa Sportsman penetration test last year. They also are the first head to truly fly the same as my field points with zero additional tuning or adjustments.)

    My bow is a 2006 or 2007 mid grade Hoyt with split limbs and cam and a half. I pull 70 pounds and shoot full length Cabelas carbon hunter arrows with quick fletch vanes. I use a HHA single pin sight and whisker biscuit arrow rest.

    Good luck!

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    I use 3 blade 100 grain with chisel point, and have used the 3 blade 125 grain.
    Shot 8 pt last year at 20 yds with 65lb compound.
    Went through shoulder blade, both lungs, through other side, boke his leg at the joint, he ran 60 yds stopped and fell over, kicked and died. Broadhead was 100 % intack, blades were bent up, but I could replace them and shoot it again, but I make the “used” broadheads my practice broadheads for shooting targets.
    Same broadhead, shot several other bucks and does,never an issue with the broadhead, they passed quickly, and never more than 80 yds ran, and any bone I hit, they have gone through and stayed together.
    I have shot, wasp, cabelas, and bear brands, I do not plan on looking for another broadhead anytime soon.
    Muzzys work, may not be fancy, but they work.
    As with anything, shot placement is the key.
    Good luck

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    find what your bow shoots well. thunderheads with last bow would not fly with current one. slick trick did not either, same with muzzy. Used Bass Pro Blackout replaceable fixed blades and get target tip like flight, great penetration, even broke the off shoulder on my last deer out of my 55# Hoyt bow. Can sharpen the blades a time or two, but tips remain sharp, even the one from the off shoulder hit after it broke the humerus. shaft was shattered into 3 pieces, blades intact but bent, but the tip will be on the first arrow I sling this fall. doc

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    Been at it for ~ 25 years.

    NAP Thunderhead
    NAP Spitfire
    Muzzy 3 blade
    Wasp Jak-Hammer
    Rage 3 blade
    Slick Trick

    Others I recall borrowing from friends but not hunted with:
    Rocky Mountain

    Be sure to spin test for perfect straightness (no wobble). Do not trust any broad, including expendables, to fly the same as the field point. Even the practice heads within the same package may not fly the same as the real ones. Bow tuning and form is critical. If possible, borrow different types of broad-heads from friends and see how they fly when practicing.

    I like to NAP Thunderhead and Slick Trick. What I like most about Thunderhead is the shape and cost. With the longer shape like those, I’ve watched deer acted like they won’t even dead (meaning hit), till the fell over or laid down. Slick Trick has a more of a shock factor when the deer is hit, but do say for me that these heads are easier to turn to.

    Because of the shock factor, I do like expendables on turkeys. But, I’ve not always have had the best luck with expendables on angle shots.

    There was a really good article in “Iowa Sportsmen about a year ago or so on broad-head testing. You can down-load the older issues for your viewing pleasure from this site.

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    I’ve always used rage two blades, they leave devastating holes, and deer die quickly. I also thinking spending 40-50 bucks for 3 broad heads is insane. So last year I tried the eBay knock offs. Worked just as well for me and are a fraction of the price. Worth a look Less the. 10 bucks. I just bought 24 broad heads for &20 and free shipping. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come from the same factory as the names brands

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    Almost 40 years ago I shot my 1st deer with a 3 blade wasp cam-loc, and to this day I favor the wasp brand fan and prefer wasp boss or boss sst models.

    Thunderhead and muzzy are both also very good fixed broadheads, and I’d use either if I couldn’t get Wasp. I have tried a wide variety, and my experience with mechanicals wasn’t good but it was over 15 years ago and they still had some kinks. I have a couple friends who swear by rage mechanicals and are constantly pushing me to try them.

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    wasp cam lock….. what a trip down memory lane. I still have a couple for old times sake. I too, killed my first deer with one. flimsy and light compared to current ones. just modified razor blades wired to a round trochar, but they flew good and killed deer. did not tolerate bone as well as the new ones do. doc

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    Shoot what ever gives you the confidence you need to make the shot.

    I shoot Grim Reaper 2″ Whitetail specials for Whitetail deer.

    They make monster holes and have turned potentially poor shots into deadly ones, for many people I have suggested them to.

    Not ALL mechanicals are bad, or have a high potential rate of failure.

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    I like the Slick Trick 100 Magnums. Always flew straight for me and cut a nice hole. I was kind of leery of how tiny they looked compared to the broadheads I used to shoot in the 80’s. But they do a phenomenal job for me. Watched my buck last year fall after 50 yards. I have no experience with expandables.

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