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    So Im planning a boundry waters canoe/primative camping trip for next spring. But I have never been there, have no canoe experience, but a lot of kayak time. Fishing for pike, smallies, and walleyes is the main goal.

    What can yall tell me about favorite places, advice, etc?

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    I took a trip to the boundary waters at the end of September. This was my first trip and had little canoe experience. I called Piragis Outfitters and they were able to get my entry permit and canoe rental. They were great to work with and helped plan a route for me. I have read that most outfitters in the area are good to work with.

    My advice is pack light, and use quality gear. I purchased a cheap pack and rain suit and it didn’t survive the trip.

    If you are going with a partner make sure they are up to the journey. I went with a friend and his heart was not in it. We had rain/sleet and cold temps which didn’t help, but he didn’t want to be there and we cut the trip a day short. As far as fishing, I took one rod and some assorted jigs/plastics and crank baits. We did a lot of traveling so fishing time was minimal. I only fished about 15 minutes and caught a small northern.

    The website is a great source of information and experienced members will give you great insight.

    The scenery is beautiful and I cannot wait to do it again sometime.

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    We have been there several times.   Talk to Frank at  He is on entry point 30 Lake ONE.   We would canoe thru lakes 1,2,4 and setup base camp on Hudson.   We would take day trips to Fire lake, insula, north wilder.  On the way out we would fish rifle and lake 2 and 3.  We would always go last week of May or first week on June.  Those are good times for fishing.

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