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    Looking at buying a used 18′ Lund Pro V. However, the carpet is in really rough shape and needs replaced. Tried doing some calling around for an idea what it would cost to get the carpet all replaced as that will affect my offer to the guy on the boat. Unfortunately pretty much everywhere I called said they don’t do boat carpeting anymore or the one place said not till next winter and his price was insane anyway. Anyone know of somewhere in Iowa, preferably within a couple hours of central Iowa? Thanks

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    I have seen somebody’s post on Craigslist for recarpeting before but it’s been a while . There is also plenty of how to videos on you tube on how to do it if you want do it yourself

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    Have you tried contacting local Marina’s and boat dealers to see who they would recommend? Also might be worth reaching out to places that restore cars to see if any of their upholstery contractors would do it.

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    It is extremely costly. Supplies your only at $300-400, its not hard but extremely time consuming between tear out and stripping down old glue to re applying, and apply correcting so it doesn’t rip back up. You can have 20 hours in a boat easy and probably more knowing what your doing so when you add supplies 20-30 hours of labor to re carpet its going to be expensive. Id recommend trying it yourself its not hard. Its just going to be a week of nights in the garage to get it done. watch some videos go slow youll do fine. Again its not difficult, just time consuming. Search online and see if you can find pre cut carpet for your boat. I have found some for my stratos in the past. Cost about $200 bucks more for supplies but takes a lot of the work out of it and would definitely simplify the process if you haven’t done it before.

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    FWIW. I did a couple of my boats over the years, not to hard with a good work space. A big deal is the quality of the carpet. Marine carpet comes in good, better, best. Make sure to spend on quality material no matter who does the job.

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    I did mine, it wasn’t difficult. Scraping off old glue was the worst and it was neat to see how the boat was put together. Mine had a wood back deck that I had to take off, about 12 screws. Watch the videos or you can make it look funky. I did mine before youtube was popular. Carpet has a grain and its real easy to get the grain wrong on a cargo hatch. I marked an arrow on the back side of the carpet about every 6 inches. And thought carefully about each cut. Me and a buddy had a full weekend scraping and laying big pieces. I had a couple evenings laying the small pieces. It looked good when done. If it wasn’t for the scraping I wouldn’t be afraid to do it again. That was 15 or more years ago and I think carpet ran about $200 and to have someone do it would have been well over $800.

    You may ask for a price if you do all the removals, probably save a few hundred.

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    It is really easy to replace the carpet. Me and my son replace the floor and decks front and rear. Then we used indoor outdoor carpet I found at Menards they had the carpet glue too. The roll of carpet and glue were right about $100 it was a light charcoal gray. We started in the front and went to the back I even bought new hinges and lifts and locks too. We did the carpet in one day and I am disabled so my son did the most of it. I did the hatches and outer edges he did the whole inside. You just spread the glue out on a dry clean interior about 3 foot at a time then put the carpet down make sure the roll is wider than you need. I measured the width at its widest point and added the both sides height and added 3 foot to make sure I started in the front and add a foot to make sure I had extra. I then ran the tape from front to the back fallowing the inside deck to floor then back to the seats and up and over the back deck to the rear. The roll I bought was about 8 feet longer than I needed but they gave it to me for the price of what I needed. The guy said it was really hard to sell small chunks like that so he gave me the extra free. So we covered the bunks too and I still have extra left over. My boat is a 16’7″ POLAR CRAFT Bass boat with live wells front and rear and decks and a 60hp Evinrude. So if you find out how much you need and shop around my carpet was red and warm on your feet. And I wanted a lighter color anyway to keep the boat cooler inside fishing in the sun.

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