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    Hi I am wondering if anyone has any experience with buying covers online? I have a 16 ft express bass boat and need a cover and found one tht said it’s for 14-16 ft v-hull boats. Would tht work for my boat  I don’t need it to fit perfect I jus need it to cover the boat decently. Thanks

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    Custom fitted cover to 17' VbottomGeneric covers will usually fit, what they say they will for length. Only problem is they are made from very cheap material, don’t trailer well, will pocket water if not supported well. I have built custom boat covers for all sizes of boats, over the last 30 yrs, and still build a few. I have had people bring their generic fits all cover to me for modification, and it ends up costing almost as much as a custom fitted cover, it will usually only last a couple years, because of the cheap material they are made of. I would recommend you having one built out of quality material if you are planning on keeping your boat. Funny people spend thousands on performance boats, pontoons, bass boats, but don’t want to spend a few more dollars to protect their investments. Cheaper to protect upholstery than to replace it after UV damages it.

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