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    It takes the old farm buildings with big tall barns and silo’s plus the livestock in a feed lot. My best friend who’s gone now started catching them & selling way back when we were in high school. Had fun after play practice where the nine boys in the class and half or more of that of the girls would go pigeon catching afterwards until the wee hours. He continued that with his son’s until about 4 years ago when cancer from agent orange got him . Asked him toward the end how many he thought he’d caught and he said an honest million which I didn’t doubt. He was shipping them all over the country for sporting events, game shoots etc.. He also was a bait dealer & game breeder hatching and shipping those also. It was getting harder and harder in later years to find them but he lived on a farm in Minnesota in a Amish settlement area which helped. RIP Jerry.

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    To the original poster, yes the big purple & green incondecent headed grackles/blackbirds are not legal. I’ve had discussions with a lot of people who thought grackle is another name for starlings, it is a common mistake.

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    catching them & selling …..until the wee hours…… shipping them all over the country for sporting events, game shoots etc..

    I believe Oldbear’s situation also made a very big dent in the populations where I was from in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Pigeons were everywhere and my uncles & cousins would have a weekend shoot and game feed on the breasts each fall as a primer to duck season. (scare them out of the barns and silos and post up and shoot them when they returned. But after some of the farmers’ high school aged sons started catching and selling them for extra $, the populations dropped. The classifieds of local papers had constant adds of people wanting to buy live pigeons, I think the farm kids made pretty good money for a few years. I am sure the lack of barns, corncribs and outdoor hog/cattle lots also are big factors.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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