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    Birds everywhere. Getting 2 or 3 roosters up at most locations. No hunters out why would any one go to SD to hunt pheasants.

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    what part of the state are you in? NW Iowa is spotty from my experience. some areas have quite a few and some don’t.

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    i went out Xmas day for the first time. Just me, no dog, and walked up 3 hens. best solo pheasant experience of my life.

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    There are no pheasants out there. Everyone stay home.

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    Went out to my uncles farm on Wednesday around noon. Hunted until 4:30 and saw 30+ birds. Dog dig awesome but shooting was poor 😥

    This was in butler county. Maybe 20 hens and 10 roosters.

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    Spotty in SW iowa too, but hunters are spottier.

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    Pheasant numbers vary widely across the entire state and even within the same county. Then even if you know there are birds on a particular piece of land you still have to find them and get them to flush in range. Unless you have relatively unpressured private ground, in my opinion the birds are hard to locate and flighty which makes the hunting really tough this time of year.

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    I hunt public ground in Kossuth county and the hunting has been really tough the last three weeks. I’m still seeing a few birds but they are really spooky and most flush out of range. I go out every weekend and haven’t bagged a bird since the 17th, I did miss an easy shot on the 23rd though.

    The 5″ of snow we got on the 29th should have cut down on some of the available cover and make things easier but I’m not ambitious enough anymore to brave the negative temps to go out. 😆

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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