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    ive heard the bite on the big sioux is picking up but only heard third person. i fish the sioux a lot with little success anybody got any advice? thanks

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    I just got back a couple hours ago from the Klondike dam. Lots of guys fishing, not a ton of catching going on but there were a few. I was there from 2-7:30 or so, caught three walleyes, a northern, and snagged a couple carp(they were a lot thicker than last week). I had a chub on the bottom about half the time I was there and I had one short bite that, left teeth marks but missed it. I threw a ton of different color twister/jig combos and only caught a dink. I caught a 16 incher on my third cast after I put on a 1/16 jig pink jig with a 2 inch white twister. Then caught a 12 incher about 4 casts after that. I saw one real nice one pulled out, the guy said it was 25 inches. Saw a few others in the 18-20 range, but not a lot. I had something happen to me that never has while fishing with a chub. Saw the pole tap once or twice then it bent over so I grabbed it, held onto it for a little bit, it bent over again and set the hook. And the fight was on. About 10 minutes later, thinking since I was using a live chub it was either a cat or a huge walleye, I pulled out around a 15 pound carp…snagged it in the tail. I had visions of an 11 pound walleye in mind and was trying to decide where the best place on my wall to put it. A fun fight none the less. Everything that I saw caught that was of any size was on a twister….different colors.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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