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    I don’t know if they still offer it – But check out the Cabela’s Crappie Rod by B & M. I have a 8 foot model that is amazing for slinging light jigs. I can launch a 1/16th jig 50-60 feet easily. It also has enough backbone to stick the occasional bass or walleye.

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    I’ve switched all my spinning rods over to the Elite Techs. It’s the best combination of comfort, sensitivity, durability in a rod I’ve ever used. For gills, crappies, trout etc. I use the MODEL # ERR69L-FS-2. It’s good at throwing light lures but still has enough backbone to land big fish. Not to mention Fenwick has a stellar customer service and warranty department. Buy once cry once.


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    I was always a St. Croix guy but I think they have really dropped off over the last 10 years. My newest rod is an UL by them and I am not real happy with it.

    Other than that UL I have switched all my rods to HMGs and I could not be happier. Will switch to the HMG UL when finances permit.

    Always done the shorter ULs though, and you guys seem to be pretty consistent with longer ones.

    Maybe I need a short and a long…which means I need a new rod now 😆

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    I really don’t care for UL’s. After my garage was broken into several years ago that was one outfit I didn’t bother replacing. For the small stuff I have a Light 5’9″ Falcon and use 4# XL with it, a pretty sweet little outfit. IMO longer rods in that weight seem kind of “whippy”. I do go with longer rods for ML. All the comments about Fenwick kind of surprises me. I have two rods that sometimes I think about replacing, both HMG’s. Most of my other stuff is either St. Croix or Falcon, much nicer rods I believe. Of course I haven’t purchased a rod for over ten years so I’m sure things have changed.

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    6’6″ or 7′ on piece St. Croix avid. Love mine. I have a parish series too and not near as nice. I won’t buy any St Croix unless it is the sclll graphite or better because the entry level St Croix rods are heavy and not sensitive for the $ paid. Much better options at that price point. You near Waterloo? If so I would meet up with you some evening so you can try my 6’6″ avid and see what you think.

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    First off I heard a lot of stuff here. Personally most of which i don’t agree with. St Croix is not dropping off…whatever that means. St Croix rods are better now than ever, but they no longer made a “good” low end rod. The triumph’s, Premiere’s are absolute pieces of garbage for the money. that was not the case prior to computer generated actions. Back 12 years ago EVERY rod was hand made essentially, you could go through a rod bin and not one Premier was the same. you could find one that was more moderate, one that was kind of a close to Xtra fast but still labeled Medium Light Fast.

    Personally i fish a ton of panfish, chase them more than anything. The rod does make a difference. Everyone thinks Ultra light, well if you are catching big fish, say gills 8.5+ or crappies that are 11+ you’ll need some beef, yet sensitive and a tip that is not sloppy if you intend on casting a bobber. I can hit softball at 20 yards with a rocket bobber and the rods i use. you won’t do it with a St croix panfish rod, those are a complete waste of money unless you plan on doing alot of small jig fishing on open water where accuracy is not an issue.

    I am a st Croix guy through and through but i get them for 50% off….so for me to buy a $350 walleye stick isn’t a big deal. On a budget though, one of the best rods (i’m not calling a panfish rod because it’s not market as such) for panfishing i’ve used and are my absolute favorites for accuracy, ample back bone (pulling through weeds, out of canes and cattails) and sensitivity. A super sensitive rod will give you a great fight. The Fenwick HMG 6ft MLF is my absolute favorite gill and crappie stick. I have a few more but are above that $99 mark. The 7 ft HMG MLF is sweet too.

    Sloppy Ultra Lights you should stay away from. Don’t fall into the “generalization” that a panfish rod needs to be a 5’2″ wip stick. If you are fishing bigger panfish they will make you their B!tch. Sloppy wip sticks are the last thing you want.

    I agree with the Pfluger President 25 series, casts great, smooth drag and can be found online for $50-60. A brand new reel that I’m a HUGE fan of more than the president even is the new Diawa Revros. They are one of the best casting reels i’ve bought, even better than $100+ reels. I have 3, all used for walleye’s right now, the light ultra light is how they classify them would be better. I have 3 of the 2500 series, you want to go down to the smaller size. i’m assuming it’s the 2000 series.

    I don’t care what rods anyone runs and my opinion is just that. Brand makes no difference but I am adamant about rods that AREN’T sloppy and moderate actions. Faster actions give you accuracy and hook setting ability which you need on bigger fish. Quality of graphite and sensitivity will give you the good fight.

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    My buddy & I have Fenwick Eagle gt ea66l-ml-2 as back up rods. A little bit heavy for 1/16 or 3/32 jigs with 2″ twisters. We prefer 6’6″ or 7′ rods with a lure rating of 1/32 to 1/4 oz. No not put the smallest reel on that you can find the diameter of the spool affects casting distance. We also use a limp mono as in original Stren or Trilene xl 4lb. Spring & fall we target yellow bass & crappie. Been doing this for many years. Cheers Bert

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    The problem with the “Super Sensitive” rods everyone always rave about, St Croix, Loomis etc. is they tend to bruise easily, then break at the bruise.
    Example, Every Loomis rod I owned, fish two rods, oen i hand one resting on gunwale of anchored boat, fish hits the resting rod, lay down my hand rod quickly, not dropping it but not treating it liek fine porcelain china either. Rod bruises then when I do hook set a fish that is within 75% of rods ability, with proper drag set, ‘break”.

    I simply got tired of lost fish. got so mad last time it happened, tossed the POS in the lake and gave every single loomis I had away to Father in law, Fiends and a couple of Nephews..

    Shimano makes great rods but they are nto nearly as sensitve as Loomis or St Croix. Howeve,r they are darn near indestructable. Today, I fish all Fenwicks. Mostly Riverruner series but also have HMG, HMX, Eagle for the boy and various other rods.
    BTW, with all that said, probably my absolute favorite rod, ever, is an old Mitchell rod and reel Combo that was a fishing show “Special”I picked up for $10. Bought that rod specifically for trudging through timber, brush, etc, to remote farm ponds.
    It was bought with the intent to destroy it, over a more expensive rod. Got some scars, 30 years later, but still fishes great and casts like a dream. Gave it to my Boy, as his first fishing rod, after edxpaining all teh rods, their costs and h ow much I loved each adn this was my favorite. then told him to pick out any rod he wanted and we would start his rod collection with that one.

    Bottom line, it was not the pen Mark Twain used, that made Huck Finn so memorable.
    Agree with Pflueger reels and Diawa too. SHimano just seem to clunky. Cabela’s had the president spinning reel on sale for $39. Just picked up a few for the kid, when I saw it. The patriarch has impressed me, at all. Too LIghtwieght and given me too many issues. Much prefer a Supreme Xt or even a President XT

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