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    I have a M&P Shield that I like for a smaller gun. If you are goung .380 then take a look at the new Glock 42. I have shot it and think it is kinda a nifty reliable gun.

    My criteria for any carry gun is reliability, comfort and concealment – it is possible to have all three

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    Quote by: IAJack

    I have a M&P Shield that I like for a smaller gun. If you are goung .380 then take a look at the new Glock 42. I have shot it and think it is kinda a nifty reliable gun.

    My criteria for any carry gun is reliability, comfort and concealment – it is possible to have all three

    I looked at the G42 it looks like a nice lil piece.Had the wife test fit one today lookin like the G42 will be new addition and a new carry gun for her and well I might have to give it a try also πŸ˜‰

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    Anyone shot or held the new Springfield XD mod 2?

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    Quote by: drawetsm

    Looking for a great handgun my wife can easily carry in coat pocket or purse. She owns a 9mm Springfield but it’s too bulky. I like the sig .380. Thoughts?

    Which Sig .380 are you thinking about? The 232 or 238?

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    X2 on the shield I carry the 9 great lil shooter..

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    I agree with Oldbear on this and would recommend a revolver. Many women seem to have problems racking the slide on a semi-auto in 9mm or above………A good friend and co-worker who was a dept. weapons instructor and response team member just bought a S&W bodyguard .380 for just that reason……..because his wife can handle it as well. I tease him about it a lot……big bad operator with a 380 for home defense/ CCW 😈 I recommended he just teach her to shoot his 686 with reduced power loads………but they wanted an autoloader………I will admit the 380 is much more pleasant to shoot than the LCR 357 I carry; but so is the 686 πŸ˜‰

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    As someone said it really should be her deciding what she wants, get her hands on as many as she can and let her try out different sizes, calibers and keep in mind holsters that she would be using for carrying, I suggest many options to accommodate many different clothing styles.

    I carry the Taurus TCP .380; its an accurate little gun. It is not a pleasant range gun, it does have quite a bit of recoil. I have a flash bang holster, an ankle holster and a Remora that can be used in the pocket, purse of IWB. I will probably upgrade to the Glock 42, .380 this coming year (shhh….haven’t told my husband this yet!)

    My husband has M&P Shield (40) it is much better on the recoil and comes in the 9 or a 40.

    This was my first range visit withthe TCP this at 3yds, mine is center mast, husbands is the head shots.

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    I would not recommend a Ruger LC9 from what my experience and several others I have heard from they are Jam-o-matics

    My wife LOVES her S&W 638 revolver.
    The 642 also has equal love in our house.
    I also like the Beretta PX4 storm subcompact

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    The triggers on the Ruger LCR’s are terrible

    My bare minimum range test is ten shots at ten yards on a 8″ target with a reload (5 shots / reload then 5 more) within one minute.

    My reliability test is 200 rounds straight without a jamb, misfeed or issue.

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    I have a Sig P238 and it is very easy to rack and has little recoil compared to most other .380’s, even ones larger in size and in my opinion it has no more recoil than a M&P 9c. I don’t know just how they did it but they did. Accuracy isn’t poor. I shoot larger pistol better but I can definitely get good defensive accuracy out of it without added effort. Around 4″ full mag groups is not difficult at 20′ or so. I agree the .380 is a small round I carry mine in the warm weather when people don’t have heavy coats on. I have been considering a P938. If Sig has utilized the same technology with it that they used in the P238 then I could see it being just as easy to use. I am not a fan of revolvers for defensive carry. Yes, they are reliable, but I would have rather those few extra rounds that the Sig offers and the ability to carry a spare mag easily, along with the faster reload, and with less bulk and weight than any revolver set up with a speed loader. Just my $.02 worth.

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    The Ruger SP 101 is a great little revolver.

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    I like having extra rounds due to stress fire and 5-8 rounds may not stop someone especially if they are drugged out.

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    The Walther PK380 has a slide that is very easy to rack.


    he PK380 is not just good looking. It is small and good looking. That makes the PK380 excellent for concealed carry. Its small grip is ideal for shooters with small hands. The slide is easy to operate, making it a good choice for women. The light weight goes unnoticed in a pocket or purse. Credit Walther Performance Design for another hit. Small is indeed beautiful.

    On sale here for $299:


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    IMHO, problems racking the slide on a semi-auto are usually due to the inexperience of the gun owner and not doing it correctly. This may be corrected with proper training.

    with that said, if the individual truly has a physical issue that prevents them from either racking the slide on a semi-auto or pulling the trigger on a revolver then take a look at a firearm that has a tip up barrel like a Beretta tomcat or Taurus model 22/25.

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    1. If shes carrying in a purse or coat pocket, the smallest gun in existence isnt necessary and wont help in getting confident with the gun. Small guns arent as easy to shoot accurately. There is more to CCW than finding the smallest gun possible. I carry the largest gun I can do reasonably and comfortably.

    2. .380 should really only be considered if in fact you need the smallest framed gun possible, and by going with what you said, you dont. Guns in more effective calibers (9mm) are available in very similar size packages as the 380. This didnt used be true a few years back so the .380 made sense. With todays 9mm’s as small as they are there is really no reason to go with the .380.

    3. The P238 is known to have issues. There are far better more proven platforms if you have decided the 380 is your caliber of choice. IMO, 1911’s are, in general, not as reliable as other platforms. ESPECIALLY when you make them smaller and change calibers away from the original specs. I would not recommend the P238, or 938 for that matter.

    4. Going with a revolver because of problems with slide manipulation is “eh”. 5 or 6 rounds just isnt enough. I would much rather arm my wife with semi that holds 15 rounds and let her fire until dry and potentially not be able to reload than to give her a revolver with 5 rounds and expect her to to perform 2 separate reloads to get the same amount of rounds off.

    My advise would be as follows:

    1. Get a RELIABLE semi auto, that your wife likes the feel of.
    2. Get 9mm or larger
    3. Get the biggest gun that holds the most bullets that your wife agrees would be suitable for her carry purposes. Bigger guns are easier to shoot accurately, easier to control and easier to manipulate.

    I like the Kahr CM9/PM9, Walther PPS, Glock 26, Sig P239, S&W shield Im sure there are a couple im forgetting but those are the one that come to mind first, all of which are 9mm and proven.

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