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    If you guys are ever in des moines you have to try the hot wings at Gerri’s on east 30th by the fairgrounds. Hands down the best hot wings in town!

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    The dive part… Hands down Darlenes in Ellston. You walk through the front door and it’s all down hill from there… Literally. The whole place leans to
    the back. If you ain’t careful you could end up flat on your face.. Sober or drunk. Oh, and the hamburger is 50% meat.. I think. Don’t trust it’s gonna’
    be just gas next time you feel one comin’ on.


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    Im gonna say Al and Irenes BBQ in Cedar Rapids. Went there all the time back in College. Great food and Cheap. Ive heard there is new management so I hope it is still the same great food and bad service! I think that can be a way to judge a place, the worse the service, the better the food!

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    Have to agree with Ross’ in Bettendorf. To take it up a notch get the Volcano (Texas Toast, Fries or Hashbrowns covered with their hot chili and cheese sauce) great at 2:30am. Also vote for DJs Diner in Wellman right along Highway 22.
    Great small town restaurant and unbelievably reasonable in their pricing.

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    Quote by: honda74

    Sneaky Petes in LeClaire IA. AWESOME STEAKS OVER AN OAK FIRE!!! Salad Bar is in a bathtub, waitresses wear the Old Six Shooter on their hips, beverages served in Mason Jars, and men u on a whiskey bottle. MNNNNNNN GOOD!!! I am hungry…. Good Food, Service, and Atmosphere!!!!

    Frackies Pub in Davenport. Good food, beer, and atmosphere….

    just don’t go in with a tie on, at least not your favorite one!

    love their food.


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    Quote by: Stump

    bigcreekclone, River Mallard or Cricket,

    Did you ever eat at Merle’s East Side Lounge? I couldn’t do it but we bought several kegs of Old Style from him.

    Merles was the only place to buy beer back then. Just pull up to the back and get a 12 pack of Keyestone for $5.00. To this day I cant bring myself to drink that crap. Sure was good back then for some reason. I think that old man made his best money from selling beer out the back door to us college kids.

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