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    So gotta ask after reading olies post n pics of his nice buck. Who else grows beards for hunting season? Been doing it a couple years now. Comes in handy for Ice fishing too. I rarely am clean shaven tho.

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    😆 😆

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    How else can I kill ducks

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    I love having a beard, I always grow one during my November vacation.

    Other than that I’m out of luck, I work for communist that make be won’t let me have facial hair, so usually I’m clean shaven…… 👿

    Never shave on my days off, and I swear by all things holy the day I retire my face will never see the edge of a razor again!!

    This is about as good as it gets for me…..

    Dirty and smelly, unshaven and unshowered…..LIFE IS GOOD!!! :mrgreen:

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    I too grow a beard for the hunting season. I would leave it on all year, but I work construction and it gets very hot and itchy in the summer! 🙁
    I usually start growing it out in mid-August in anticipation of cooler weather, and then shave it in late January or February. Sometimes I don’t shave it completely off, just trim it, for warmer months, but usually it gets a little scruffy around shotgun deer.

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    I try to grow what i can during November. I take a week or so off work and can usually get away with a few days of showing up at work with some scruff before I take my vaca, so I can get about 2 and a half weeks. Trust me, it doesn’t look good though, I call it an under beard. It grows fine on the sideburns and down about halfway to my cheeks then it goes under my chin more on the neck.

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    Started my beard in 1975. Its starting to pick up a gray camo pattern here and there but have left it on the whole time. Not many that remember me with out it.

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    X2 Stomper

    I can’t remember not having a beard. Has to be at least 35 years since I’ve been completely clean shaven. More gray now than whatever color my hair used to be.


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    Sure do, i like to call it no shave November.

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    Mine is red so it’s kinda gay looking

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    Once it starts getting cold, I don’t shave my legs… 😆

    Quando omni flunkus, moritati. (When all else fails, play dead.)

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    I’ve had facial hair since I could grow peach fuzz on my chin. Can’t remember the last time my face was bare. I’ve had just about everything you can imagine, mostly now I rock a chin strap. My beard doesn’t grow in all that great, but I’ve been growing it for the past few years.

    I started it early this year, so it is already in midseason form. It gets pretty crazy by the end of winter.

    The best part is Tessa HATES it 😆

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    I normally grow one every year. But the older I get it seems I have more salt than pepper in the beard.

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    Started mine a week ago. Not so much for hunting, as I don’t do that much anymore, but it sure helps ice fishing. I went 20 some years of having a beard year around. This year, I shaved my moustache, probably for the first time in 30+ years. Normally I start the beard in the fall, and quit cutting my hair until I can’t stand it no more, then get it trimmed once or twice during the winter. Once spring gets here, I’ll buzz my hair and shave the beard for the summer. Give myself a buzz cut every couple weeks till fall, then start all over. Every year the beard gets grayer, and the top gets grayer and thinner. 🙁

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    Quote by: sageiowa

    Sure do, i like to call it no shave November.


    My face doesn’t see a razor from Nov 1st until I shoot a buck with my bow…..or until the end of 1st shotgun season….which ever comes first. My wife hated it…..but she’s my ex-wife now, so bring on the scruff, cool weather, and the rut!

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