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    Some friends and I from that go to college at UNI are planning on going hiking tomorrow and have never been to backbone but heard there are some good trails there. We are pretty adventurous and are looking for the most challenging and scenic trails that are there. Which ones would be the best? We are all in very good shape and would like to do a little climbing and maybe check out a cave or too but don’t know exactly where to go. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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    There are some good trails, take extra clothes and garbage bags to put the dirty ones in.

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    IIRC, the more scenic ones are toward the center of Backbone were the trout stream runs.

    Hike around the lake, a good time.

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    Plan to block out an entire day. When I was a teenager (this was seemingly a few months ago…+/- 23 years), I pretty much knew every square inch of that park. I actually used a compass and a topo map to plot a course from the south campground to the north side of the park cutting cross country. If you do this…wear jeans and use insect repellent…just sayin’. Anyway, I turned what I thought would be an hour or two hike into an epic all day hike through every corner of the park that led me in a circular route back to the campground. I also utilized all the trails. Grab a trail map, and get a topo map, a compass and have a ball. GPS is for wussies….but if you must take extra batteries just in case 😉 . Have fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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