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    Attention all of you bowfishermen hiding out there. This spring my fishing partner and I will be offering a very affordable bowfishing guide service for lakes around the Eastern Iowa area! These lakes include Palo (Pleasant Creek), Dudgeon back waters in Vinton, Coralville, and others! We have our own boat a 16ft ultra wide equipped with lights for night fishing if that’s what interests you! We also have two bows that are included in the rental price, or you can bring your own equipment. Prices and times will be listed at a later date if you have any questions just pm me. This is by far one of the best sports out there and if you’re an archery enthusiast or just want to give it a try I want to give that opportunity to you. Believe me you will not be disappointed it’s the fastest growing archery related sport around. Help save our waters and have fun doing it.

    If you’re really interested in bowfishing join the club Bowfishing Association of Iowa!

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