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    I took my 8 year old son turkey hunting this morning and saw this half sticking out of the creek bed. It definitely looks like it was chipped on purpose but has a really awkward shape.

    Curious if it was anything. It looks like more of the chipping work was done on the broader side which has a surprisingly sharp serrated edge. The point on the other hand really isn’t sharp at all. :question:


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    You are correct, it’s an artifact! I will let those wiser than I give you a better ID, but I would call it a blade, or knife. Matt, Lee or Tom can tell you more. It is interesting in that I think I see a crinoid stem in the material, which would mean it’s made out of something sedimentary. Nice find, thanks for sharing!

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    Great find. Looks like you have a creek to walk this spring. Good luck

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    Nice find and very cool! I’ve always wanted to find a native american artifact, but I never seem to have that kind of luck!

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    Huge looks more like a scraper?The tail round end looks worked sharpe? Maybe the first multi tool ? Lol

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    I think it’s a hoe. Way cool find ! B)

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    I was raised south of Fort Dodge and on a small farm East of Otho. People would come out and ask permission to hunt arrow heads and the like…. but I never found one! One day walking down a well worn cow path, I looked down and found a stone Indian head club! First and last of anything found and I still have it today. Looking back now, it was the perfect place for Indian camp grounds, the entire farm was in fact. The top of a hill overlooking a ravine and the Des Moines river not far away.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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