Are more of you using a red dot style optic or a scope for your muzzle loader??? 2018-11-01T16:34:39+00:00

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    I’m curious…  I like a scope for target identification, but since I always use binocs, I’m questioning if a red dot is simple and easy…  I don’t have the ability to utilize irons on this unit, so it has to be one or the other.

    Suggestions?  Personal experience with both?


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    No experience with a Red Dot, but I after having a scope on my muzzle loader, I wouldn’t ever have a muzzy without one. I like the adjustable zoom that a scope provides and with a good scope you can see better in low light situations. I do hunt in a lot of more open country though. So if I see a buck in my binocs, I can get my gun up in advance, and follow him through the scope.

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    Being red/green colorblind, scopes are my best/only option.  Keep them on low power in case something sneaks in, as you have time to zoom up on game you see at a distance.

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    There’s a lot of comfort in the confidence of a good scope and precise cross hairs, red dots are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable, with a high failure rate, I recommend avoiding them.

    Scope fer sure 🤔

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    Put a red dot on an AR for the hell of it.  It was pretty good out to 50 yards.  At a 100 the dot is almost as big as a 5″ target. I was still pretty comfortable out to 100 but I quickly put on a scope.

    I have one AR with a red dot still but it is more of a self defense/truck gun. I just built it and haven’t shot it.

    One argument is red dots fail a lot. There are a lot of really cheap ones out there. You can also spend a ton on one also. The military uses a lot of red dots so I don’t think they want stuff that isn’t reliable.

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