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    Trap you are correct if you want a run of the mil AR you can get them for $500 to 800. But if you don’t like the FF tube or the stock and have to change them out or the cruddy mil-spec trigger that gets swapped out you are pushing that $700 to 1000 range. Plus AR’s are like pringle chips. I wish I would have bought my tools several years ago. It would have saved me many times.

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    As expected. not simple and a slam dunk. Surely appreciate all the feedback, suggestions, and help though. My issue with building is that I am dumb enough on the topic that I just don’t know what the right questions are and what the key components are that make a dramatic difference. Even things like the suggestion on open sights at an angle…….would have never thought of that. And the real problem is when you go to buy a complete gun, do you really get unbiased advice? Selling more guns is usually what pays folks, so that’s what they focus on; and cannot blame anyone for that……..the kids needs shoes. It’s just the way it is.

    Guess I have to ask……….is there someone that has built several that maybe has a darn good one that they would want to part with that would be fitting for a newbie like me? Maybe if you had the chance to build another better one, you would be happier? If so, maybe selling one good one would allow you to go to the next level? Just a thought. Like I said, I’m a neophyte at this, so am more than open to experts advice and opinions. And not dead set on anything at this point.

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    I have a Rock River 6.8 and a Diamondback 556, I love the RR in the 68 but it is more expensive to shoot, but shoots great. The Diamondback is just a plain gun with iron sights and is also a quality gun for about 1/3 of the price. It sounds like you are just starting out and are looking for a good entry level gun, if it was me find one that has the features you want right off for a decent price and upgrade the other stuff later. Upgrades are easily done as these are like the Mr Potato Head of guns. Just stick with the bigger names in the AR industry and you should be fine. The nice thing about an AR is you can take a plain cheap gun and upgrade it until it is just as fancy and nice as a really expensive gun over time, thats part of the fun finding out what you want, like, and need.

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    I usually piece my rifles together so I can get exactly what I want but if I was going to buy a complete rifle I’d probably either get a Smith & Wesson with the free float rail or a Springfield Armory Saint. Palmetto state armory has some really good rifles out there(just stay away from the PTAC labeled guns)and always has sales going on.

    As for scopes Vortex, Nikon and Leupold are always safe choices. I have an older Nikon Coyote Special on one of my rifles that does the job but I don’t care for the BDC aiming circles since it makes precision shooting harder. Just got a Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 4-12 that is really nice and it cost right at $400 from Sport Optics. Also have a Steiner P4xi 1-4×24 on another rifle, this one is probably my favorite scope.

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    I don’t think you can beat Palmetto State Armory for affordable quality. My M4 and A2 builds are both PSA. 1/7 twist, chrome lined FN barrels, mil spec BCGs and great prices make them hard to beat. They have some excellent Black Friday deals coming up, too. I think RRA is overpriced for what you get. Aside from PSA, I usually buy the parts I want and build my rifles, it’s nice when you finish your custom build and have some sweat equity in it, means more to you. For cheaper optics, Leupold is hard to beat. I have done the Vortex thing, and honestly, their Viper PST line didn’t blow my hair back, and the Burris XTRII lineup is solid, but the scopes are chunky with their 34mm tubes. I would look at the Leupold VXR lineup. If you want top end, my favorites are US Optics and Nightforce. My optics mounts are all ADM, I ran Bobro for a while, too heavy and LaRue mounts are nice, but I don’t find them worth the price. Hope this helps, AR15s are fun and effective tools for hunting, home defense, and range time. I love everyone I have.👍

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    I just bought a bushmaster .223 for $500. To top it off, it came with a $150 mail in rebate. Hard to pass up an AR for $350!

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    X2 for PSA. The shipping is slow but good quality in their upper lines. For a hunting rifle, I prefer the enhanced (polished) versions of mil spec vs a redesigned drop in. Spikes also makes a good AR. Avoid used ARs until you are familiar enough with the platform for a tear down inspection. Some people can really mess up a gun.

    Figure out what optic setup you want. Do you want a fixed a2 front sight or a fold down with a shorter scope mount?

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    Specialized dynamics. Hands down best predator gun on the ar platform. Made for hunters by hunters. I own a couple. Guaranteed accuracy. Can go as mild or wild as you’d like. Scott is one hell of a guy

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    An accurate AR isn’t always reliable, and a reliable AR isn’t always accurate.

    For target shooting and critters, I would suggest a Rock River Predator or an ATH model. The Varmint models are great, but just too heavy to carry around unless you are going to shoot prairie dogs. I have owned several of them and speak from experience. The DPMS Hunter series get good reports. The Remington R25 models are more expensive, but good for hunting too.

    All of the ones that I have owned came from private used sales or sales on Gunbroker. This is the best way to get a great deal, as long as you know what you are looking at.

    If defensive reasons make the list for an AR, getting a hunting model will leave you wanting something more. Then just buy a complete upper that suits your needs and put it on when you want to change roles.

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    Last year, I sent a new stripped upper receiver to DTECH in Bemidji , MN to have the face of the receiver squared resulting to perfect alignment of the barrel and the receiver. He only charges $20 for the lathe work for this. I slipped a Criterion 16″ Match barrel from Brownells on it and a Midwest Industries handguard. This is extremely accurate and light weight. With a good scope and mounts it is perfect calling/stalking setupin my estimation. I load 50-55 grain bullets with Benchmark powder. If i was going to do it again, I would install an ELF trigger instead of the Chip McCormick trigger.

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    I have the Rock River and really like it, well made and eats everything I’ve given it so far. My model is the Elite Operator 2. It’s a heavy gun but I don’t mind it. I’m not hiking around for miles with the thing, I go a few hundred yards to my spot and sit. Plus the weight reduces the already low recoil of the 223. For the scope I really like the Nikon BDC. Mil-dots are fine but for hunting a darker animal, especially when you get to low light conditions, the bigger circles are easier to pick up than a small mil-dot or hash line. And I find that target acquisition is faster and easier, rather than trying to focus on getting a small dot on the vitals, you just put the circle on him and shoot. That’s just personal opinion and experience, I know some people don’t like the BDC. Scheels scopes are pretty nice, a little cheaper than the name brand and I’ve heard they are made by Nikon. Vortex is also really good, lifetime no questions asked warranty.

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    I have the RRA Predator rifle and wish it was lighter when I’m packing it through the mountains. It’s really reliable and a tack driver for sure. But after using it for coyotes I went back to my old Rem Model 700 22/250. I certainly got more shots off at running coyotes with the RRA but I hit more of them with my Rem. Guess it just fits me better.


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    $300 for the upper assembly with flip up sights

    $150 for the lower

    fully assembled. All you have to do is connect the upper to the lower and get a magazine and you are shooting. You can get very standard AR’s will the classic barreled hand guards for the same price on sale but IMO, they look uglier than sin. I just got done building one and it is really easy. Plus if you build one, you can start with the parts you want and you won’t end up with extras you don’t want.

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    Quote by: Mengo

    So I’m about ready to break down and get an AR, and would appreciate some feedback and suggestions on what I should get from some experienced members. I will be using it for predator and Bobcat hunting, along with some fun shooting. I’d like a good gun that is a good value. I’d like a decent scope on it, but also would like the capability to shoot open sights if needed. Not sure that I need a lot of complexity and a lot of add ons, but would like a factory rail that allows adding later possibly. It would be really nice to find an extendable stock, as I have long arms and have concerns about scope alignment with a short stock. I’m thinking .223, but am open to suggestions.

    What would you get if you were buying a new one now? I’d appreciate any and all advice……not possible to give too much, in my opinion. Thanks in advance.

    I’m not up on the latest manufacturers/models of AR’s. But one thing I would want in my AR. Is a Chrome lined barrel. As it is resistant to rusting if not cleaned right away.

    I would also opt for a 1:9 barrel twist.

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    My opinion is on the ar thing is you need a good trigger that suits you. Try some different ones to see what suits you.

    Then shoot it a lot and have fun.

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