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    So this weekend will be the first time hunting the January Anterless season. I picked Appanoose county because they had “enough” public ground. Since it is a late season, I assume they will be in their wintering patterns and feeding late in the evening on corn fields. This might be a little tough since there aren’t many public corn fields but I can make due. I just like being out hunting. Who else will be out this weekend trying to fill a tag? Anyone from that area that could lend some knowledge?

    Side question, Does anyone know if you need to have your 2019 hunting license to hunt this season? I would assume so since it is 2019. According to the License required matrix in the hunting regs, I would need one. Either way, I have bought my 2019 already. So Just curious.

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    To hunt past Jan 10 you have to buy a 2019 license. As far where to go, there is lots of public ground. Set up near corn in evenings. Lots of areas around rathbun and sudan bottoms.

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    Also a lot of public land in Appanoose has food plots with turnips, radishes and other stuff…not just corn or beans

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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