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    I have a field that back in the 60’s I believe, was the site of a dig performed by some archaeologist near Okoboji area. There was a Indian settlement there about 2,000 years ago I believe they said. You can still see where they dug. The article I read said there was a village that covered most of the river bottom in that area. I have looked several times for artifacts, but have come up empty. Maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for, shapes, colors, type of stone. Anyone up for a hunt in the next few weeks? The field was freshly worked and planted about 3 days ago. This is no joke, I am willing to share my spot with someone that is willing to help a guy get started.


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    I’d take that offer if I lived closer. I’m sure someone will jump at the chance. Let it get a good rain to settle the soil down some.

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    My grandparents lived in Spirit Lake for a long time. My grandfather worked at the fish hatchery for many, many years and also worked with the DNR and Conservation Commission. One day a load of rock came in to be dumped along the shoreline. He was strolling along looking at it and he reached down and picked up an Indian hammer. This was about a 7″ round rock with pinkish knobby surface with a groove around the middle for the handle to tie around. It was too large to be a war club but it was definitely a hammer.

    I was walking some of our bean fields 25 years ago and bent down to pick up an 8 inch long rock to carry out of the field. l brushed off the dirt and it was a blue/green stone axe. Made the same way with a groove around the back third of it. Very nicely made with fairly smooth hard stone. Tapered just like our axes today.

    Rock piles are everywhere in our state. You never know what you might find in them.

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    Nathan Your grandpa Bill ?? Knew him well. Use to come hunt with my dad and me. 😉

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    If you want some company call me and I will go with you some evening.
    I am about 20 minutes from Sp Lake.
    Cell 712-461-0784

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    Good luck. I hope you find a bunch. I would defiantly go with you if I wasn’t on the other side of the state. Let us know how you did.

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    Call me my buddy is in your area and a great guy 712-269-1508

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    pdog, pm sent!

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