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    anyone heard or fished with grandt rods?? they dont look too bad… im looking to get another one been a st criox fan and had mine for a long time..if u had to pick which one would you choose?? heres a link to grandt rods..


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    I love thier site! My guess is, while I have never had any experience with them, they are quality stuff. I think the warranty, and the fact that they have been around for 25 yrs should tell you something. I wouldn’t be afraid to try one, except it looks like they may be addictive! They may be like rifles, and hockey sticks, and earthworms… they are asexual, and multiply by themselves.


    i forgot golf clubs too! These guys obviously know how to fish with their rods, they make golf clubs, for when the limit is reached!

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    You might try asking here: http://www.tackletour.net/TTForums/

    I would guess these folks have some experience……..plus its a sweet site.


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    Nice site Matt, thanks,


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    Croix or Loomis if I was buying a production rod. Thorne Bros or Keith at KT Pro Edge for a custom in the same price range built on either of the former mentioned production blanks. No experience with the site mentioned but look like nice sticks.

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    As far as rods in the price range, I have almost completely converted to the St. Croix Legends and am enjoying them more than any other I have used. I did however recently pick up a Shimano Cumara and am totally impressed! If the Cumaras came with cork handles I think they would be unbeatable in the ~$200 dollar range.


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    Another website where you can design your own custom fishing rod would be: http://www.cajuncustomrods.com/

    You design your rod … we build fishing confidence.

    Pretty cool stuff … and we carry all the premium fishing rod components and then some … great fishing blog too that includes some fishing reports for Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas … wherever we go, we do our best to post how we did fishing out on the water for folks.

    “Tight wraps, tight lines, and take a kid fishing!”

    – Jaesen Yerger
    Cajun Custom Rods
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 904-738-0301

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