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    Anyone getting out with this record cold???

    With the end of squirrel season near, and seeing a couple out feeding when I got back from town, I decided to cheat and sit out on the deck in the turkey lounger and the 17 hummer.  A couple squirrels spooked when I got out and sat down but I hoped they or others would come back around.  I was watching a squirrel to the south, 100 yards away, giving shot opportunity after shot opportunity but with a low spot in the terrain running east west that was filled with knee deep snow and ice, or deeper, it wouldn’t be a very doable recovery for my mending knee.  So I was just watching and enjoying the show of him finding his nuts.

    I had kept looking back east every so often to keep an eye on that direction and one of the glances east while watching the south squirrel I caught a little movement.  Then a squirrel moved out of the cover and into the snow cover to dig up nuts.  I slowly moved the rifle from the south to pointing southeast.  The squirrel looked my direction a couple of times, probably catching a little movement between the deck railing slats, but would always settle back into nut mode.  Eventually she moved to a point where I had a comfortable shot between the slats with the squirrel only around 50 yards away.  The 20 grain hp punched the boiler and the squirrel reared around and took a few steps before slowly laying down on the cold snow.

    I sat for another 10 minutes waiting on another squirrel to come out and then decided to not get greedy and too cold and just called the hunt a success and collected the sub zero squirrel.  A good way to end my season.

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