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    I believe this marks my 13th yr(frankly I’ve lost count) in search of an Iowa lion. An AZ lion hunter told me a few yrs back. The lions he hunted (mostly for trail cam pics) had a travel pattern. Roughly every 2 wks, as they roamed their territory.  I have found that to be true in some cases. But not all, according to the sightings I’ve known about. Regardless, it is a matter of luck to stumble across one. The needle in a hay stack scenario. Anywho, my hunt continues. One critter I also hope to come a cross is an Iowa wolf.  I have seen 3 that I could verify were wolves & a handful I couldn’t positively ID. But I suspect they were nomadic wolves. Only because of their size. Again sighting one is quite rare, very rare. I hope to catch one on camera this Winter.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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