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    New years Day 2008, Day 1 with Roxxxy


    This past fall I was faced with the fact that Brian’s Miss Foxy Roxxxy (BMF Roxxxy for short) was nearing the end. The duck hunts got shorter, the walks shorter as well. She still had the drive to retrieve, hunt and be a general pain like she had her entire life but now her body was failing her. She had tumors, her hips were going out and the signs of the end were getting more and more evident. She struggled to get up, but when she did she would still find a bumper and want to retrieve, she was every part retriever.


    I was forced to make a the tough call, it was Thursday November 30th, we got up in the morning and she couldn’t get herself up. I helped her out and she went about her business. I knew that I had to call the vet. On my way home from school that day I called and made an appointment for Friday December 1st.  My wife and boys knew that she wasn’t doing well but when I told them that I called the vet we all broke down. We spoiled her that night, and the following day I came and checked on her a couple times before we had to make the trip to the vet’s office.  I had made arrangements with my wife to meet us at the farm and my folks to meet us at the office, we all planned to be there as she made her final trip to the farm.

    December 1, 2018.  Before we loaded into the car for the ride she got herself up and hobbled to the corner of the patio and picked up her bumper.  Both of us knew this would be her last retrieve she looked and me and I gave it a good heave to the corner of the yard. With all of her might she went and picked it up and brought it to me, I snapped one last picture and she handed me the bumper. We knew it had been a good run. Here are a few more pics of the old girl.


    I wasn’t sure if I would share this story, I wasn’t even sure I would return to the new Iowasportsman. But I felt the need for one last post, this may be all from Ol TeamAsgrow. As life has changed I think it is time to move on to better uses of my time.

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