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    I’m going to be in the market for a new 8 hp outboard motor. Prefer two stroke, but will go four if I have to. I have a 14′ alumicraft. Suggestions for brands and where to find them? I’ve googled a lot of this, but i would like personal opinions.

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    The big question is how much money are you looking to spend. Lot of the motors are rated at 9.9. Will your boat only take 8hp rating or less?

    Bass Pro carries Mercury and knock off of suzilki?

    Are you looking for Honda motor. I think the Honda reputation is very good. I am thinking about very small 4 storke for my pond jumjper. But my boat is only rated for 3 hp. Have you checked on which shaft length to get? Swoome motors come in different length. robbie

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    I have been looking for a 8 hp Yamaha outboard for a kicker motor as they are one of the lightest 4 strokes in that class. Last fall in craigs list I missed an 8 hp Honda that was a 2004 for $ 700.

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    Why would you prefer 2-stroke?

    Cost would be the only reason to not go 2-stroke. I have had both and I will never own a 2-stroke outboard again.

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    Have a 8 hp Yamaha 4 stroke kicker, and love it! Will troll all day on very little gas, quiet can barely hear it run and will idle down for slow trolling.

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    Can you buy a new two stroke?

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    Quote by: maxx

    Why would you prefer 2-stroke?

    Cost would be the only reason to not go 2-stroke. I have had both and I will never own a 2-stroke outboard again.

    im with you on that, my new merc 9.9 is awesome i cant believe how quiet and fuel efficient it is.

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    I have a 1990 8HP Evinrude 2 stroke motor on my 16.5 foot Crestliner deep V and it has been awesome!! It’s great on fuel and trolls up to 6mph which I never do anyway……..basically the deal is how much do you wanna spend, the four strokes are sweet but probably twice the $$$$…….I had a 1965 evinrude 6hp 2STR on my last boat and it worked great also…

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    I have been doing a bit of research on two- vs four-strokes myself and I wouldn’t fully discount the former. Two strokes tend to be up to 40% lighter, have more power at take-off due to there being two strokes per power cycle instead of four, and are much cheaper and easier to maintain and repair due to their simpler operation. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but I read somewhere where someone did the math and you would have to run your four stroke for about at least 50 hours every summer for 10 years in order to recoup in fuel savings the additional cost paid for the four stroke. Seems there are so many advances in outboard engines these days that the distinction between a two- and four-stroke engine has become somewhat blurred. As an example there now are fuel injected two strokes that have fuel efficiency comparable to that of a four-stroke.

    You will also want to check the load rating of the transom on your boat. If you put on a much heavier four stroke it can put undue stress on the transom. If you are only getting an 8 HP motor then it may not be an issue? I note most of this is from my research and not from personal experience. I do realize that two strokes can require a little more TLC from the operator for proper operation which can be a real pain.

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    Quote by: Wapsi+Willy

    Can you buy a new two stroke?

    That’s exactly what I thought. Turns out that you can buy new Yamaha small 2 strokes.

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    If it helps, I have a Suzuki 9.9HP Four Stroke Electric start that I am going to put on Craigs’ List this spring. $1,000.

    Great motor, but I am re-powering up to a 25HP.


    You can send me a PM if it’s something you are interested in.


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    Couple questions
    1 – By new, do you mean “new to you” or “brand new 1st owner”.
    2 – Why so specific on 8 hp? Is that the max rating for your boat or what favorite lake allows?
    3 – Tiller handle or remote steer?

    Reason I ask is there are many 9.9 OMC and Merc tiller motors out there, I see several every year at garage sales etc for $250 – $400. (often it i is just an older gent who got too old to handle a boat anymore). If you buy a 1970’s vintage 9.9 there is a slight risk it might need $150 – $300 tune up and or new coils, but after that should run for many years and is a whole lot less than the $2,000+ of a new one. I am not a marine mechanic, so it is just IMO that the 9.9s are great motors.

    (that said, I have a yamaha T-8 kicker on my walleye boat, and I really like it).

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    To all wondering, I don’t need a power house motor for my 14′ row boat. 9.9 or 8 hp is preferred, and as for the two vs four stoke, I just don’t want problems with a four as it can be more expensive.

    I’m looking to spend anywhere from 1,000 to 1500.

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