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    Here is a pic of my 3rd season turkey with my daughter.

    Shot this 2 yr old on Thursday just getting around to posting pic and story. Got to the area and walked in to my spot with the full moon lighting everything up. Got to the spot I was going to sit and waited for the first gobble. At 5:15 the first one sounded off, but he sounded like he was across the river to my southwest, but I thought I would move to the other side of the field I was at to get a little closer. I got set up on the other side and 3 more sounded off to my west on private property.

    I had high hopes of being able to break one off and get him to come to my field. After they hit the ground I didn’t hear anything and couldn’t get anything to respond. So I decided to move closer. Got set up and called and a gobble across the river. That was the only one I heard so I decided to move closer to the river and try and call him across. I got about 25 yards from the river and I spotted him strutting on the other side. Just as I saw him he ran up the hill, I thought I was busted. I got down and out of site found a tree to sit by and waited. 5 min later he gobbled again so I started calling.

    I would call and I would let him gobble 3 times as I watched him through my binoculars. I lost sight of him because of some big cotton woods on my side of the river. When all of a sudden I saw and heard him flying across. I pull up my gun to where I thought he was going to land. He lands and starts looking around and I let him take 2 steps to clear some brush and I had him down. He had 7/8 in spurs, 9 in beard, and weighed 25lbs. Here is a photo from the timber

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