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    Right now I’m looking at four top runners.

    Ruger LCP
    Taurus 708
    Bersa Thunder
    S&W Bodygaurd

    For Current/Previous owners of THESE handguns a couple of questions:

    1. Good Attributes/Features and accolades
    2. Bad Attributes/Features and problems
    3. Would you recommend it?
    4. Rate it 1(lowest)-5(highest)

    For all IS:
    1. other .380 Brand/Models that I have not included that I may want to take a look at.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    😀 I have a Bersa Thunder .380. I have nothing bad to say about the gun. It is an accurate little gun. I have hod no problems with mine & have shot a half dozen different kinds of ammo through it.
    That said, I still would like to get a little Ruger or Taurus to drop in my shorts pockets in the summer.

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    I love the ruger LCP

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    Have the ruger, Runs like a champ shoots like a demon. I carry it all the time but when it goes off you better be holding on. What else do you expect from a little gun like that? With that said i wouldn’t give it up for anything.

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    I have a Beretta 84FS that I absolutely LOVE.

    I went shopping a Bursa and came home with the Beretta and have no regrets.

    It’s a Beretta (sorry but I really like their handguns)
    Holds 13 rounds
    Very easy to take down, clean and reassemble
    Very Concealable but feels like a bigger gun in your hand

    Bigger than other 380’s
    The double stack magazine makes for a thicker handle so their is a little more to conceal

    Happy shopping

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    I have an LCP. Mostly for the wife to carry. Trigger pull is nasty. A few friends just got the Taurus. Really like the trigger but have not shot it yet. Thinking about trading.

    The Ruger does the job it is intended to do. Other then the trigger it is a good reliable gun.

    Either one will work as deep concealed gun.

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    I love the way the ruger LCP will slid out of my pockets.It has no sharp thing to snag on it. It will do the job

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    I had the opportunity to shoot the LCP, TCP, and the Daimondback. And I bought the Taurus tcp. Awsome trigger pull for what you get. Its easier to shoot than the lcp, doesn’t pound the fingers and was enjoyable to shoot. It didn’t jam like the diamond back. When I bought mine at Sportsmans it was $250 not sure if it still is, but the others were 50-100s more.

    I like the loaded indicator on the extractor. I like the hammer lock and key. It was very accurate at 20 yards and under shooting speer gold dot. The slide locks back after the last round, comes with 2 magazines.

    Dislikes are the sights but I won’t be looking at sights if it ever has to be put to work.

    I carry it everyday either ankle holster or pocket holster.

    My 2 cents

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    What about the Kahr P380? Anyone have any experience with them?

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    I had a LCP and hated it. Trigger pull was horrible and recoil was suprisingly snappy for a .380. Never had any technical issues, just didn’t like it. I traded it off after having it for a few monthes and it is one of the only guns that I have ever gotten rid of and not wished I had it back. I went with a revolver for everday carry for the power and reliability that comes with them.

    No real experience with the others on your list. Good luck in your choice.

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    go with the ruger sp101 🙂 way better gun for the money. .38s are way cheaper and easier to find, plus it shoots .357 too. Its my favorite carry weapon.

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    Quote by: nosna

    go with the ruger sp101 🙂 way better gun for the money. .38s are way cheaper and easier to find, plus it shoots .357 too. Its my favorite carry weapon.

    Looking for an auto this go around. 🙂 Thanks though!

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    Sig P238 if you like the 1911 ‘battery of arms’. Downside is that they are pretty spendy for a .380 pistol.

    Also, the Kel-tec P3AT is the original .380 ‘LCP design’. They are cheaper so you may want to look into one of them.

    Nothing wrong with an LCP, you’ll likely enjoy it as a primary carry piece. You can’t really expect to be a range gun.

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    I’ve got a LCP I’m kind of torn on. I like the carry, and it does not kick much, but I have trouble keeping it on target.

    If you are in the DSM area I could arrange a shot with the one I have to see if it works.

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    For the upmost in accuracy, shootability and relaibilty, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that beats a Sig 230/232. You’ll see a lot of votes for the LCP, mainly because thats what most people have. everybody is quick to recommend something they own. While there is nothing wrong with an LCP or P3AT, the Sig just does it better. Its not as compact as the super compact .380s but easily makes up for it with accuracy, shootability and relaibilty. I always carry the biggest gun I can possibly can. These guns make great back ups but i would never use one as a primary carry piece unless there was no other option.

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