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    just got off the phone with the IDNR and the official word is 350 Legend is NOT legal at this time. The law enforcement dept has tested and found that some of the ammo is slightly under SAAMI spec. IDNR have been in contact with Winchester and the IDNR said they will make an official ruling soon.

    Ironically, the automated chat software on the IDNR website still says 350 is legal. They are going to correct that.

    So, I guess we wait and see for 2019 season.

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    • <!–more–>Hard to believe the 40 S&W is legal and the 350 legend isn’t. Shot some new to 40 ammo today federal premium HST Law Enforcement ammo. I liked it seems to shoot well.


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    The word I hear is the bullets are .355, not .357 (9mm vs .38) so does not meet the DNR code.

    By the way- a bill was put forward to simplify rifle regs and have it state “.35” among other simplifications.  It was lobbied against by Iowa Bowhunters, so be sure to give them your thanks!

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    The last day of the 1st Shotgun deer season I  rode with the local game warden.  I asked the question for one of my grandson’s who has a .40 Kel Tec Sub 2000 if it would be legal to use in the second season hunt.  The warden had a quick answer of yes then said wait a minute I’ll call some one in the know on firearms.  The answer is yes in a handgun but no in the Grandson’s rifle.  I’m only repeating what I was told but their are dimensions for using a rifle during deer season and the .40 is like .002″ to short  and the only way it could be corrected is by reloading and resizing it then it would come out legal.  Grandson says he later called DNR in Des Moines and supposedly got the same answer.  Maybe its in an Admin Code and not the Ia Code.


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    I called the DNR the day and they said it was legal. Their going to make an announcement sometime in a week or two.

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