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    Man this guy had this young kid coming at him angry like and used his concealed carry to scare him off and got charged with 11 felonies. Why even have concealed carry if you can’t fire a couple shots, man.

    News says this guy is going to prison for the rest of his life. It even looks like if he hadn’t shot the gun he’d still have enough felonies to get prison for life.


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    No warning shots, it’s the first rule of engagement, it could accidentally kill an innocent person, bullet has to come down eventually, and, the DA will tell you if you have time to fire a warning shot your life was NOT in imminent danger,

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    Not nice to shoot at your neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Really doubt if he’s going to jail for any length of time. If you read that somewhere, the writer was greatly exaggerating, probably to get the NRA folks all riled up.

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    This guy made several mistakes in my opinion. First use of deadly force to protect property is not a good idea. Shooting a shot as a warning is not a good idea in any case or situation. Stressful situation is not an excuse. You cannot shoot trespassers I don’t care if it’s signed. It helps anti gun efforts every time.

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    In Iowa it is prohibited by law to fire a warning shot.

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    Dude is a moron. Throw the hothead in the slammer and let him rot.  He threatened to murder a guy.

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