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    My buddy and I fish great togather in a boat but fight like girls on the ice He is always yelling at me to sit still and be quiet That I am always drilling too (*&^%%$ holes and moving all the &^^%$ time, He is the kinda guy that drills 2 holes and sits there all day long, So here we are were unloading this morning not even on the ice yet he starts in nagging on my (Sometimes I feel like we are married.) new ways Hes on me about we dont need the power auge I dont need to drill a 100 holes today that We will bring his hand auger I swear he sleeps with that anicent thing. I We made a bet He gets 2 holes as usual I get 100 becosue he wont shut up about it. The bet is Who ever catched the most fish buys the beer tonight, Oh yea and he throws in this Beer clause that I have to catch at leat one fish in each hole. It was a bet, We stepped on the ice at 730 at 745 he has his 2 holes drilled for the day and allready fishing, No vex no camera just picked a spot and down he went never fished there before and didnt ask where the good spot was, I dont think he even got up once to P all day long, SO Im still drilling first a big circle all around him that had to be annoying then I did my best to write his name address and phone number in holes finally a half a tank of gas later and major cramps in my arms I had to stop drilling and he conceded I had enough holes for the day, I think I had 63. The crappies were insane everywhere Every hole I checked with my flasher had fish I belive at the end of the day We iced over 150 crappies and bluegills. I watched fish after fish charge up to meet my jig I dont think I even jigged I just droped in my bait and pulled out a fish. None of the crappies were huge I think I released 5 or 6 that were 13” I know Jerry caught two dandys but most being between 8-10″ We kept 55 and split them between us. even though Jerry didnt move all day he still caught 30 or so On the ride home he was very quiet not like him So I had to asked what ya thinking about Jerry? His reply. SO how much are those power augers anyways, So you all know its a private lake and the owner asked that we keep smaller fish and release the bigger ones and not keep bluegills for his family sake. this is a very well managed body of water with a exellent bass population and we never caught a bass all day. I knew there were crappies in there and have caught many but It has been many of years since I have seen the bite so hot.
    That’s Bud light Jerry Hee heee and my wife says thanks for dumping the waxies in my coat pocket.
    Happy New Years.

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    cool story and pics

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    nice mess of fish sounds just like my buddys and me. We do that
    every time we go out on the ice even if we dont catch fish we still
    have a ton of fun

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    LOL…that was a fun read…but it sounds like he had ya beat with the fish-per-hole ratio…enjoy the Bud Light Jerry!

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    Now thats one funny story :mrgreen:

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