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    I’ve bought a lot of amunition from Cheaper than Dirt (CTD). Never had a problem with quality or shipping. They get the product out fast Like most online sites you can’t return ammo.

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    I always bought Winchester white box Wal-Mart ammo before I started reloading. I did buy some reloads from a reputable seller at a gun show that was a bit cheaper, but mixing the nickel and the brass would not cycle through my gun. After is separated the nickel and the brass, it cycled just fine. My reloads are way better than any factory ammo I have ever shot and way more clean to top it off.

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    Quote by: ICartwheelDeer

    Quote by: Ruger+204

    Quick question…I’m looking for cheap bulk 0.40 ammo for plinking at the target range. I would rather they be fairly accurate and clean shooting, but cheap is important. I’m on a budget like everyone else.
    Probably FMJ will be the cheapest.
    Let me know what you folks have found out there.
    Thanks a lot,

    FMJ is the cheapest, The cheapest option is reload your own FMJ bullets, if done right you should save around 30%-40% per box of shells (even at bulk purchase rates) and you’ll end up with a more accurate round as you can curtail it to the specs and dynamics that you feel comfortable with.

    Agreed. I think I am reloading target rounds at under $.20 per round.

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    Freedom Munitions is having a free frt special on $499 or 5% off on $249 through Sep 7.

    40 FMJ $249/1000

    40 FMJ Blaster training ammo $239/1000


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    Reload with cast bullets and you can get them down to about .10 each.

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