Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting By Dan Johnson It’s March, and for me that only means one thing in terms of whitetail hunting… Shed hunting! Let me yell it one more time from [...]

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How Weather Affects Accuracy

How Weather Affects Accuracy By Troy Hoepker Many of us seek out a day to sight in our rifle when winds are calm, temperatures are warm and comfortable, and after [...]

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Train Up A Child

Train Up A Child By Earl Taylor When I was a child I had my life, and my parents had theirs; they did not try to weave their lives into [...]

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The Art of Assessment

The Art of Assessment By Earl Taylor Fred Remington, the famous cowboy artist from the late 1800’s, once wrote describing a grueling 51-mile canoe trip down the Oswegatchie River in [...]

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Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory By Dan Johnson This time of year a hint of depression usually sets in. Not only because it’s the dead of winter, but the hunting season is over [...]

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