A Joe Learning from Pros

We may call ourselves avid hunters, but we all have arenas within the sport that receive less attention than others. I grew up hunting big game and upland birds, and [...]

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Plan a Guided Snowgoose Hunt

By Nick Johnson Taking part in a guided snowgoose hunt is one of the many waterfowl hunting experiences that I will never forget. It started around midnight last spring during [...]

By |September 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Targeting Wood Ducks

By Nick Johnson Wood ducks are hands down my favorite duck species. Their curious behavior, the habitats they like to frequent, the male's striking plumage, not to mention their meat [...]

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River Honkers

By Nick Johnson Have you hung up your waders and retired the decoys for the season? I hope not! There is still season left and now is the time to [...]

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Early Season Duck ID

By Nick Johnson It is common knowledge among waterfowl hunters who hunt early season that the drakes of many species of ducks appear dull and somewhat ugly in color. That [...]

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Waterfowl Lingo!

Have you ever walked outside and listened to the Snow Geese or Canada's and wonder what on earth they could be screaming about? Or how about a group of mallards [...]

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