Support Those Who Support You

Before I begin, thrown on the table is the fact that I realize there will be worthy organizations to which I fail to allude. Said admission shared, please understand this [...]

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Thinking Small

Hunting in Iowa has changed significantly during my lifetime. Four decades ago wild turkey and deer were scarce or non-existent in much of the state. Most hunters started out shooting [...]

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Commands in the Field

By: Ryan Eder – President, Upland Gundog Association LLC, Goldeneyes Retrievers If someone were to ask you “what commands do you use most in the field” what would your answer [...]

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Purchasing a Waterfowl Gun

Even if I have been to the sporting goods store twice in a given week, I cannot leave without a visit to the gun counter. I have shouldered and looked [...]

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Don’t Be….That Guy

Throughout my life, I have stumbled across individuals who cause the rolling of my eyes. I’m sure, with a few reflective moments, you have experienced the same. This being brought [...]

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