10 Reasons We LOVE to Hunt

By: Kevin Sturm One thing I have learned over the years is, we as hunters all share a love for the sport called hunting. I always find it interesting how [...]

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Safety in he Field

Safety in the field and out of the field is something that many of us practice routinely throughout the hunting season. The standard regime of keeping the barrel pointed away [...]

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Turkey Nightmare Henned Up

By: Ryan Becker A henned up tom is a nightmare that we as turkey hunters will ultimately face many times over in our turkey hunting career. For those that haven’t [...]

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Public Ground Gobblers

By: Nick Johnson The words "public ground" conjures up all sorts of mixed feelings in a hunter. Some relish the opportunity to explore it and some dread it. Hunting on [...]

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First Season Turkey Success

If  you have ever spent the morning listening to a bird fire off on the roost then turkey fever is probably at its peak. While the anticipation builds there is [...]

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