The Four Year Legacy

The Four Year Legacy By Jamie Cook from Pheasants Forever Today as I watched my three girls run around our yard, the thought hit me; “These kids are my legacy...I [...]

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Taking Your Inventory

Taking Your Inventory By Ryan Graden The summer lull is happening and if you are an avid whitetail hunter, I am sure you’re feeling the “cabin fever” like I am. [...]

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Through the Eyes of the DNR

Through the Eyes of the DNR Top Ten Most Common Violations Seen During Hunting Seasons So, you went to school and you made it happen. After, you saw what you [...]

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Rolling Your Own Ammo

Rolling Your Own Ammo It’s a beautiful sight looking down at rows and rows of shiny brass, all tipped with just the right little projectile that will make your rifle [...]

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Taking A Long-Lasting Memory

Taking A Long-Lasting Memory By Ryan Graden “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a phrase that we’ve all heard before. However, as a sportsman, I would argue, “A [...]

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