Trapping Ol’ Bucktooth

Trapping Ol' Bucktooth By Chris Pohl Beaver, by far, are some of my favorite animals to trap. For the most part, they aren’t that difficult to locate. They leave quite [...]

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Bobcat Trapping

Bobcat Trapping By Larry Sills Catching a bobcat in a foot hold trap in Iowa involves unique methods. It allows the trapper to use his/her imagination more than any other [...]

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Dismal Days of a Fur Market

Every morning running the trapline, I’d roll up on many of my sets and find raccoon fairly regular. Each trap location that I’d scouted and set on was producing every [...]

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Handling Multiple Coyotes

The sun was just spreading its first rays across the landscape of the beanfield in front of us. It was peaceful, calm and quiet. Yet, you would have never known [...]

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Thinking Small

Hunting in Iowa has changed significantly during my lifetime. Four decades ago wild turkey and deer were scarce or non-existent in much of the state. Most hunters started out shooting [...]

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