Iowa Ice Hotspots for Crappie

By Ben Leal November of 2019 will be remembered by the sudden blast of cold that blew into the State early in the month…Anglers across Iowa, especially those in the [...]

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Catch’Em When Others Can’t

Catch'Em When Others Can't By Bob Jensen When you’re ice-fishing, just like when you’re open water fishing, there are days when the fish get finicky. They might be finicky due [...]

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Ice Fishing Success

Ice Fishing Success By Bob Jensen Just as in open water fishing, there are a few really good guidelines for ice-fishing success. Keep these ideas in mind and you'll be [...]

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Early Ice Crappies

Ahhhh…nothing like your first trip out to the ice. Days prior to your first trip you go through the list, Vexilar battery…check; auger…check; load new line on your ice rods…check; [...]

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