Fishing Myth Busters

No matter how often you fish, or don’t fish there are many people that have certain beliefs about fishing.  What makes fishing better...what you can’t do when you fish.  There [...]

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The Five C’s To Fishing Success

By Dan Galusha People have long talked about certain lures and techniques being the secret to fishing success. However, sitting back and thinking about the lures and techniques there is [...]

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Troutin’ About in Iowa

Use the word “trout” and “Iowa” in the same sentence and you’ll definitely get some funny looks. Trout are rarely the first fish that comes to mind when most think [...]

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Fishing Paradigms

“They’re not biting.” If, during the course of this season, you’ve taken up my challenge and made serious attempts to get out and take advantage of what you’ve learned here, [...]

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Best of Both Worlds

When Van Halen released their 1986 hit song “Best of Both Worlds”, I highly doubt they had fly fishing in mind. That’s unfortunate because my favorite fly fishing rig, the [...]

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Trout Stay-cation

By Rod Woten Stay-cations are all the rage now. Taking a vacation without investing lots of time and money getting to the destination just makes a lot of sense. After [...]

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